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Image alt Tips on How to Choose The Best LMS Looking for tips on how to choose the best LMS? Look no further. Read this blog before purchasing an LMS.
Image alt Top 3 benefits of LMS for your sales team A high-performing sales team is crucial for a profitable business. The quality of management is a significant factor which determines whether a company is successful or not, and above-average qualifications and broad experience of your staff are key moments to achieve desired goals.
Image alt How to write a Request for Proposal The following steps can produce an effective Request for Information/Request for Quote that attracts information or quotes from LMS vendors giving the answers you need
Image alt How to evaluate and choose an LMS Want to know how to select a Learning management system. Read this blog to get a few pointers towards your perfect choice.
Image alt LMS for onboarding Estimates that replacing a staff member can cost £20-£30,000 and that new joiners generally reach optimum productivity after 20-30 weeks highlight the importance of onboarding best practices and an effective employee retention strategy.
History of Learning Management Systems Evolution A brief history of LMS Organisations have managed learning in one way or another for centuries, but it is the development and proliferation of computing and communications devices that have brought learning management systems to where they are today.
Image alt Future of learning management systems A learning management system requires an effective learning management strategy to produce outstanding results.
Image alt 7 Benefits of Bite-sized Learning The rapid innovations and advances in smartphone adoption and Bitesize learning demand since the early 1990s has had a profound impact on the behavior of staff members and how they wish to complete their professional training.
Image alt The application of AI in e-learning One-to-one learning is often regarded as the best way to learn, but for organisations with 10s, 100s or 1,000s of employees this approach isn’t practical or affordable.
Image alt Top 9 LMS Features You Should Consider Selecting the best corporate learning management system for your organisation can seem a tough challenge when there are so many options to consider.
Custom Content vs Off-the-Shelf eLearning Content for Organisation Off-the-shelf content versus custom content Learn about the pros and cons of off-the-shelf content versus creating custom content. We will look at how to choose the most appropriate solution.
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LMS for Salesforce Integration: Features and Benefits LMS for Salesforce Integration Features and benefits of LMS integration with salesforce for your organisation. Get a way to deliver information to your sales team and improve efficiency.
Pros and Cons of Wordpress LMS Pros and Cons of Wordpress LMS Want to analyse the pros and cons of Wordpress LMS to know whether it is good for your organisation or not? If so, then click on to read about it!
Pros and Cons of Totara LMS Pros and Cons of Totara LMS Do you want to know the pros and cons of Totara LMS business? If so, then we've got you covered! Click on to know more about it!
Using LMS in Hospitality: Features and benefits How Can Using LMS in the Hospitality Industry Help? Looking for an LMS for the hospitality industry? Learn about the features and benefits that you’ll need.
Using a Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Manufacturing Using LMS for Manufacturing Company Want to know how Learning Management System (LMS) can be applied in manufacturing companies? Read our blog.
LMS for Customer Training: Importance of Customer Training platforms LMS for Customer Training Find out how LMS for customer training can help automate processes, get the most out of your product or service and deliver an engaging customer experience.
Comparing Best 10 Learning Management System Platforms 10 Best LMS Comparison: Which One Should You Choose? Are you looking for the best LMS option out there? No problem, we got you covered! We have curated a list of the 10 best LMSs just for you!