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preboarding strategies for new hires 6 pre-boarding strategies to keep new hires engaged before their first day Did you know that nearly half of employees leave their job within 90 days? Get your strategy right before they even sit down at their desks.
organisational changemakers Organisational changemakers & how they enable change through learning Some people have a natural affinity for persuasion and encouraging positive change. How can you identify them and help them help you?
learning from big tech Learning from big tech: how we can adopt the best B2C practices in B2B eLearning When 85% of employees claim to feel disengaged at work, eLearning solutions do not only compete with each other but also with social media and consumer tech. What B2C practices can a modern-day LMS adopt to stand this fight for user (and employee) attention?
gamification-and-personalisation-workplace Gamification and personalisation in the workplace: winning the fight for user attention With our collective attention span decreasing, how can you use gamification and personalisation to help you win the fight for user attention in the workplace?
generational-theory-elearning Generational theory in corporate learning: how to do training for Gen Z, Y, X, and Boomers Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers are now working side by side in organisations up and down the country. This generational mix brings opportunities for employers but also presents challenges that managers have to address.
different-generations-workplace The one value that unites generational differences in the workplace There are now four generational groups in workplaces: Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Zoomers. With the focus often on the differences between generations, we often forget about the common ground — and the one value that unites them.