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blog Features checklist – 9 must-have LMS features Selecting the best corporate learning management system for your organisation can seem a tough challenge when there are so many options to consider. blog The role of L&D and HR in successful LMS implementation People – the employees of an organisation – must always be the main focus of any learning management system. blog What is a learning management system? A learning management system gives an organisation the technology tools to put its learning strategy into practice. blog Optimizing onboarding process A comprehensive onboarding program can significantly improve the performance of new employees and help to build and sustain high-performing teams. blog What is blended learning? Blended learning is generally defined as training or education that combines e-learning with classroom teaching. blog Is 70:20:10 a practical approach or merely just a bunch of numbers? The 70-20-10 model is principally constructed from a conceptual theory developed by Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger in 2000. blog 5 ways to create engaging e-learning content The best e-learning platforms depend on high quality content that engages learners effectively. blog SCORM vs TinCan SCORM (or Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a technical standard for creating e-learning content. blog 5 advantages of having a cloud-based learning management system Using a cloud-based learning management system provider is more convenient than hosting your own LMS and will make it more widely available to your learners. blog Does your LMS have social learning? Social learning capitalises on the knowledge and experience existing within your workforce, making it easier for employees to locate the expertise they need and to share their own knowledge. blog Top 10 useful LMS integrations Corporate learning management systems deliver substantial benefits themselves, but when integrated with your legacy systems or external services, such as social networks, add even greater value to all the data you gather throughout your organisation. blog 7 tips to use animations in e-learning Animation is a powerful tool for getting a point across to learners in e-learning courses. Here are seven tips for getting the best results from animation in your learning management system e-learning content.