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how to conduct a training needs analysis How to conduct a training needs analysis: definitions, benefits and step-by-step instructions Conducting a training needs analysis is the first step to developing a successful training programme. But what is a training needs analysis? And how can you conduct one?
training for trainers Training for trainers: 5 skills all effective coaches need and how to develop them Get your training for trainers right and elevate your Learning & Development across the board! Here’s our guide to effective training for trainers and the 5 skills that great coaches need.
onboarding-checklists Onboarding templates and checklists to design great new-hire experiences Ease your recruits into their roles, answer any questions they may have, and introduce them to their management, co-workers and new company with these onboarding templates and checklists.
developing and retaining high potential employees Developing & retaining high-potential employees Employers believe that money is the answer to employee retention but employees don’t agree. Explore how you can identify high-potential employees — and how you can hold onto them.
summer reads Book recommendations: Holiday season Whether at the beach, in the countryside or on a city staycation, plan for your reading peace and quiet with these picks.
partner-training-lms Partner training 101: why an LMS is a good way to enable your partner network Partner training is essential for businesses that rely on a network of empowered contractors or customers to succeed. When you need partners to see *only some* of your Learning and Development content — without using your internal platforms — how do you roll this L&D out?
learning from big tech Learning from big tech: how we can adopt the best B2C practices in B2B eLearning When 85% of employees claim to feel disengaged at work, eLearning solutions do not only compete with each other but also with social media and consumer tech. What B2C practices can a modern-day LMS adopt to stand this fight for user (and employee) attention?
gamification-and-personalisation-workplace Gamification and personalisation in the workplace: winning the fight for user attention With our collective attention span decreasing, how can you use gamification and personalisation to help you win the fight for user attention in the workplace?
learning-delivery-methods How to perfect your eLearning content distribution strategy Are you using the best distribution strategy for your L&D content? Here we compare the pros and cons of the most common L&D delivery methods so you can find the right fit.
effective peer feedback loop 6 tips to create a truly effective peer feedback loop Peer feedback creates the opportunity for employees to learn what it takes to perform well in the job role. So, how can you create an effective peer feedback loop?
digital transformation of l and d The digital transformation of L&D – before, now and in the future A digital transformation of learning is taking place. In response, more and more digital learning solutions are emerging. But what effect are they having on L&D initiatives now? And what will digital learning look like in the future?
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generational-theory-elearning Generational theory in corporate learning: how to do training for Gen Z, Y, X, and Boomers Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers are now working side by side in organisations up and down the country. This generational mix brings opportunities for employers but also presents challenges that managers have to address.
different-generations-workplace The one value that unites generational differences in the workplace There are now four generational groups in workplaces: Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Zoomers. With the focus often on the differences between generations, we often forget about the common ground — and the one value that unites them.
Why Use an LMS in the Retail Business Why use an LMS in the retail business A retail supplier can leverage enormous benefits by introducing an LMS into their operations. Why are more retail businesses investing in an LMS, and how does it contribute to business growth?
what-learning-and-development What is learning and development: overview, importance and training rollout Did you know that close to two-thirds of all employees have had no Learning and Development training? With L&D increasing employee retention and productivity, it’s time to put the business case together. Where to start?
Image alt Is 70:20:10 a practical approach or merely just a bunch of numbers? The 70-20-10 model is principally constructed from a conceptual theory developed by Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger in 2000.
Image alt 5 advantages of having a cloud-based learning management system Using a cloud-based learning management system provider is more convenient than hosting your own LMS and will make it more widely available to your learners. Here are five advantages of running your LMS in the cloud.
Image alt Optimizing onboarding process A comprehensive onboarding program can significantly improve the performance of new employees and help to build and sustain high-performing teams.