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With your brand image relying on your partners, distributors and, ultimately, customers, product training becomes an essential part of strengthening your sales channels. Easily customised to your audience, each hub offers a public-facing education centre to support your business network.

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Explore our range of exciting features to build, deliver and manage external training.
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White-labelling Customise our ready-made themes to your partner's visual guidelines and stay on-brand with your training interface.
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Management Easily manage all your training content and keep track of your user activity via central reporting.
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Access levels Stay in control of content and data as an admin but let your partners invite their users to access the relevant training.
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Data analytics Get a detailed view on who accesses your Hubs – when, where, and for how long. Export as a report or see in real-time.
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More users in less time, at a lower cost

Enjoy the product benefits of using Hubs whilst building and scaling your partner channels.
Easy to setup Create a dedicated learning hub in minutes and distribute your courses to all relevant users.
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Maintenance-free Manage all your users from one central place instead of going through the same onboarding process for each hub.
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Scalable in price Tiered pricing based on cloud storage instead of user number allows you to scale with no limits and grow your user base.
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Courses built: 7315
My Learning Hub's solution allowed to service different customer bases within the business, and be able to create white-labelled hubs in 2 minutes. Their fixed pricing for unlimited users meant risk-free scaling and no unexpected user overage costs.”
HUB review Paul Warrick Training Manager at Zonar Systems

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My Learning Hub is a trusted partner for some of the most advanced learning organisations worldwide.
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Frequently asked questions FAQ

Why does a company need a training hub?
Your brand image relies not only on how your employees represent your company but also on how your partners, distributors, customers and other external stakeholders come across regarding your company’s products and services. Product and service training, hence, becomes an essential part of strengthening your sales channels. To do that, your company needs a training hub – also known as a corporate academy, company wiki, or education centre – to ensure efficient and consistent product, customer and partner training within your growing business network.
What is an extended enterprise LMS?
Much like an internal learning management system, an extended enterprise LMS is software that allows you to deliver training remotely to your external users. Once it’s set up, you can offer custom training to different user groups based on their specific needs. For example, you can provide product training to onboard your new client or share sales materials with your partner company using an extended enterprise LMS.
What makes My Learning Hub different from other training software?
First, My Learning Hub offers an intuitive user experience so you can easily set up a new learning hub in just 2 minutes. Second, My Learning Hub has a tiered pricing model based on cloud storage instead of active monthly users as it is almost impossible to predict the precise number of external users when using an extended enterprise LMS. Finally, My Learning Hub provides your company with a real-time analytics dashboard to make informed decisions about your external training programmes.
How to implement a customer education programme with My Learning Hub?
Create a white-labelled learning hub in minutes and easily onboard your external users. Apply our ready-made content library templates, upload your existing training content, or start from scratch yourself using our built-in authoring tool that is suitable for both beginners and professional instructional designers. Manage and track your user activity via central reporting.
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