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Leverage your staff experience to create mobile-responsive courses relevant to your business. Talk to an expert

Responsible for training but wrapped up in laborious design tasks? Our user-friendly course builder frees up your time for the work that really matters – facilitating your talent and business growth.

Seamless white-labelling and content management

Creating courses for different audiences, with each having their own branding? No problem! Keep your training content on-brand and customise it in seconds. Talk to an expert
Apply themes Create your library of custom themes and apply them to courses as you see fit.
Duplicate courses Copy your existing courses in one click, add client-specific brand details and share your training with a new audience.
Export in SCORM Export your content in SCORM 2004 to fit any learning system. Edit in the cloud and instantly update across all channels.

Sometimes text is not enough. Use the power of interactive answers

Use video and audio answers to imitate a more natural, two-way conversation. Test candidates before they join your company or check the knowledge of your current staff.
98% lighter in weight than the usual MP4, GIF, PNG formats.
10x faster loading in the browser that works even with low-speed internet.

Discover great animation at lightning speed with JSON compatibility

Embedded in your courses as a code, JSON is super quick to load and can be customised to your brand colours. Whether you develop training content in-house or outsource it to our design team at My Learning Hub, rest assured – your learning content will be more interactive and fun to complete.

Not a designer? No problem!

Explore our simple course-building assets that anyone, no matter their design skills, can use. Highly interactive content isn’t rocket science.

Clickable image Upload an image that flips to display relevant text on the back when users click on it.
Accordion Replace a long text with a concise preview that users can click on to expand the text box for more information.
Fill blanks Ask users to fill in the blanks in your text by typing the answer or selecting it from the multiple-choice options.

Find all your favourite classics in one place

Choose from our asset library to create an engaging experience for your learners.

True/False Ask the user to select either True or False.
Single сhoice Ask the user to select one correct answer from the list of options.
Multiple сhoice Ask the user to select several correct answers from the list of options.
Free text Ask the user to type an answer to your open-ended question. Review and grade their text later.

Present your training in style

Simply add to the page, drag and drop however you like it. Don't forget to sprinkle your training with interactivity – and it’s ready to be served.
Video embed Upload your video or embed a link from your Vimeo or YouTube as you see fit.
Audio file Add audio files to play in the background for education or entertainment purposes.
Text Add text boxes wherever you want.
Image Add images to support your content with relevant visuals.

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