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Streamline training in your workplace with My Learning Hub LMS

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Streamline training in your workplace with My Learning Hub LMS

Make it your own

Adjust our highly configurable system to your internal workflows.
Settings Tailor your security settings, default settings and user permissions to suit your requirements.
LMS settings
Whitelabelling Customise the way the system looks to match your brand guidelines.
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Hierarchies Set access levels to the system based on the user's job role and seniority.
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Integrations Access your favourite app integrations or connect via API. Full list of integrations
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Make it consistent

Create personalised learning paths for your staff, recommend content and notify users to ensure compliance.
Learning Paths
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Set up notifications to keep your employees updated at every step of the user experience, from onboarding to course launch to leader board to certificate expiry. Get started
Learning Paths
LMS learning paths
Whether you call it a Competency or Learning Path, you can customise a sequence of courses for each job role. Set a strict order and time when it comes to essential training – or encourage your staff to explore their interests with no limits. Get started
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Integrate our friendly Mylo Bot with your Microsoft Teams or Slack to recommend personalised and relevant content to your employees. Users can now access learning courses in one click, easily search for content and get automatic recommendations depending on their job role. Get started

Make it fun

Keep your learners engaged with interactive courses, events, feedback surveys and gamification features.
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Gamification Gamify your training by setting up levels, points and badges and displaying leaderboards.
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Events Schedule online and offline events in mind with multiple classes, timezones, organisers and other specifics.
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Surveys Carry out feedback surveys prior and after the course to gather valuable insights and improve content quality.
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Sharing Share learning content with your co-workers and external business network.
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Make it compliant

Automate your compliance procedures and generate meaningful insights.
Send out white-labelled certificates automatically – with all the relevant information.
LMS certificates
Access powerful analytics tools with a wide range of filters and automated scheduling.
LMS reports
Approvals, waiting lists, expiry reminders and complulsory training keep you on track with corporate compliance.
LMS compliance
Audit Logs
Keep an audit log of everything that is happening on the system in case you ever need to check on user activity. Get data on the device, location and time they accessed the system.
LMS audit logs
SCORM 1.2/2004
Import and export SCORM-compliant learning content for better interoperability.
LMS scorm

Meet our customers

My Learning Hub is a trusted partner for some of the most advanced learning organisations worldwide.
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Frequently asked questions FAQ

What does a learning management system do?
A learning management system, or an LMS, provides an organisation with a set of tools to put its learning strategy into practice. When implemented effectively, an LMS helps manage all aspects of learning and development in an organisation, from hiring assessments and onboarding to compliance training and continuing professional development.
How to use a learning management system?
L&D, Training and Talent Development managers use a learning management system to create, distribute, track and recommend the knowledge their employees need to upskill, reskill and grow in their careers. Employees use a learning management system to access a library of available courses to find, select, enrol and complete the training, necessary for their development in the workplace.
How many languages does the My Learning Hub LMS support?
We have our platform and content available in the most spoken languages, including English (UK), English (US), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Ukrainian, and Russian. If you need to use the My Learning Hub LMS in your language that is not yet supported by the platform, we can easily add it in.
Why implement a learning management system?
A learning management system improves employee training, onboarding, compliance and customer education. Every user of an LMS – whether employee, partner or customer – can undertake virtual training wherever they’re based, to grow their expertise, complete courses and earn certifications. Its accessibility saves your trainers time, and therefore money, whilst its integration with other corporate processes, including HR, IT, Sales, Product, Customer Service and Compliance, boosts productivity across the business.
Can I import e-learning content from my old LMS to My Learning Hub?
Yes, if your old – or current – learning management system uses technical standards such as SCORM, AICC or open source. You can migrate courses, assessments, historical data, learning paths, and career maps – all in a variety of formats, from Word documents to video.
Does the My Learning Hub LMS support mobile learning?
Yes, the My Learning Hub LMS is available on mobile devices so your employees can complete their training wherever they prefer.
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