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June 20, 2022

The application of AI in e-learning

One-to-one learning is often regarded as the best way to learn, but for organisations with 10s, 100s or 1,000s of employees this approach isn’t practical or affordable. Instead employees learn through the same generic classroom training or online programmes delivered to all learners, regardless of their ability and with no personalisation to an individual’s learning requirements.

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to enable learning management systems to tailor e-learning for each individual, based on identified trends in the organisation and the employee’s role, training needs and learning speed.

AI uses machine learning to analyse data fed into the LMS from training courses, assessments, HR and ERP systems, and other sources so that it can identify relevant trends. AI can take this further by making intelligent decisions to repurpose content or recommend materials to an individual, taking into account these trends, the employee’s role and their personal capabilities.

AI offers further potential by evaluating an employee’s performance data to help manage their learning and development from their first assessment during the recruitment process through each role in the business as their career progresses. This can link learning directly to their day-to-day performance so that content can be suggested to employees and their line managers specifically aimed at improving productivity.

Because AI enables systems to continuously adapt, it also offers the potential to analyse the effectiveness of e-learning content and make changes to improve it. While, generally, AI is not yet able to create content itself, it has the potential for this in the future. AI does, however, have the current ability to repurpose existing content for different training purposes. For example, AI could formulate a large pool of test questions on a specific technical or mathematics topic where subject matter is clearly defined.

This capability to adapt can also ensure that content is continuously adapted to reflect real-world change and development. With the growth in microlearning – courses broken down into a large number of small, concentrated bitesize chunks – keeping track of what content needs updating becomes difficult to manage. AI could handle this for you, ensuring that your learning materials are always relevant, up to date and easy to locate.

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