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Victor Potapov

As a founder at My Learning Hub, Victor drives the platform development with accessibility and human-centred design at its core. In this blog, he writes about the company's journey and the latest product updates.
e-learning during recession E-learning during a recession: how to spend money efficiently How do you recession-proof your Learning & Development approach? Quick tip: You *certainly* don’t stop running L&D altogether.
partner-training-lms Partner training 101: why an LMS is a good way to enable your partner network Partner training is essential for businesses that rely on a network of empowered contractors or customers to succeed. When you need partners to see *only some* of your Learning and Development content — without using your internal platforms — how do you roll this L&D out?
Image alt 5 advantages of having a cloud-based learning management system Using a cloud-based learning management system provider is more convenient than hosting your own LMS and will make it more widely available to your learners. Here are five advantages of running your LMS in the cloud.
Image alt Is your LMS up to date? As with most technology, corporate learning management systems evolve continuously.
Image alt Pros and cons of LMS developed in-house The main attraction of developing your own corporate learning management system in-house is that you can build it exactly as you want it instead of having to compromise.
Image alt Does your LMS have social learning? Social learning capitalises on the knowledge and experience existing within your workforce, making it easier for employees to locate the expertise they need and to share their own knowledge.
Image alt What is a learning management system? A learning management system gives an organisation the technology tools to put its learning strategy into practice.
Image alt SCORM vs TinCan SCORM (or Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a technical standard for creating e-learning content.
Image alt The application of AI in e-learning One-to-one learning is often regarded as the best way to learn, but for organisations with 10s, 100s or 1,000s of employees this approach isn’t practical or affordable.
Image alt Top 10 Best Useful LMS Integrations Corporate learning management systems deliver substantial benefits themselves, but when integrated with your legacy systems or external services, such as social networks, add even greater value to all the data you gather throughout your organisation.
Image alt 7 tips to use animations in e-learning Animation is a powerful tool for getting a point across to learners in e-learning courses. Here are seven tips for getting the best results from animation in your learning management system e-learning content.
Image alt Predictive analytics in e-learning E-learning and online resources create masses of data, much of which is ignored by many organisations.