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June 20, 2022

Is your LMS up to date?

As with most technology, corporate learning management systems evolve continuously. It’s impossible to keep up with all developments, but what essential new features are missing from your LMS and make it out of date?

Single sign-on – Users expect to access everything once they have signed on to your LMS and having to sign on again to access different areas puts them off.

Intuitive interface – Is your LMS easy to use? If learners struggle to navigate it, they are not getting the best from your system.

Personalisation – Your LMS needs to reflect the corporate identity of your organisation and also be personalised to individual learners so that when they sign on, they see content that is relevant to them. If they don’t, they could be missing out on useful training.

Responsive design – Learners expect to be able to use your LMS on any device, whether on their desktop PC or away from the office on a mobile. They also expect a consistent design across devices so they can pick up where they left off rather than having to figure out how to use a different LMS version on a different platform.

Social learning – Most managers and employees use some form of social media and expect to be able to access or use blogs, forums and messaging to find answers to questions, access video instructions, keep in contact or share information. Any LMS without social learning is definitely out of date.

Flexible reports – Reports need to be useful, so learning and development teams, HR and managers need to be able to create reports that show trends relevant to them clearly using easy-to-understand graphics. If you’re stuck with a set of standard reports, you need to change LMS.

Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence – Your LMS handles large amounts of data, especially when integrated with your ERP, HR, CRM and legacy systems. Is it analysing this data to spot trends and make suggestions for managers and learners? If not, you’re wasting a big opportunity.

Compatibility – Your LMS needs to be able to integrate with new technologies as they develop. SCORM and TinCanAPI (or xAPI) are essential e-learning software specifications that enable content to be used across platforms seamlessly. In addition, you need to make sure your LMS will remain compatible with HR, ERP and CRM systems as they develop.

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