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June 20, 2022

7 tips on how to choose the best Learning Management System

Choosing the best LMS software for your business requires you to know what you’re looking for and why. Here are seven tips to help.

1. Review your current learning strategy – Is it up to date? Does it reflect your organisation’s objectives and the learning and development needed to achieve them? It’s vital that you identify any required changes so that you look for LMS functionality that delivers what you really need now and in the future.

2. Identify your learning and development objectives – Create a clear picture of what you want your LMS to achieve. What knowledge, skill sets, capabilities and behaviours do you need your employees to acquire or develop?

3. Flag any technical issues in advance – Will an LMS integrate with your current IT systems? Are there likely to be any compatibility problems with your HR, ERP or legacy systems? How will learners access your LMS? Will all devices used across the organisation be compatible?

4. Consult with your learning and development team – Obtain their honest opinions on what tools and features will make them more effective in their work. Encourage their involvement in selecting the LMS as they will be supporting the employees using it.

5. Define your must-have learning management features – What LMS functionality is essential to meet your objectives? The wide choice of systems available offers an endless list of features. Focus sharply on those you need.

6. Determine the level of support you will need and which LMS providers offer it – Depending on any previous LMS experience and the resources within your organisation, what assistance will you require for installation, configuration, data migration, customisation, testing, training and troubleshooting during implementation. What level of support will you need when your LMS is up and running?

7. Consider future unpredictability – Do your requirements change often? What flexibility do you need from LMS software to ensure it will adapt easily to continue supporting your business in this fast-changing world.

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