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Thomas Bellamy

Leading Business Development & Sales at My Learning Hub, Thomas has become a trusted advisor in e-learning for our clients. In this blog, he writes about training use cases, how-to tips and L&D best practices.
p2p-learning-and-mentorship P2P learning and the power of mentorship Peer-to-peer learning can be a really useful L&D tool for facilitating knowledge sharing across an organisation. But only if it’s done correctly.
Changing roles in Learning & Development The correlation between changing roles in L&D Changing times require an adaptive way of enabling people to perform. So it makes sense that traditional roles within the L&D sector are changing too.
how to collect training feedback to improve employee development How to get good feedback on training from employees The benefits of getting feedback from your teams on the impact of your training are huge. Get up to speed here.
preboarding strategies for new hires 6 pre-boarding strategies to keep new hires engaged before their first day Did you know that nearly half of employees leave their job within 90 days? Get your strategy right before they even sit down at their desks.
Does hybrid work make it harder to train? Does hybrid work make it harder to train? Three-quarters of employers now offer some form of hybrid working. If hybrid work is here to stay, what does this mean for L&D?
techniques that enhance employee performance 5 techniques to use to enhance employee performance Improving employee performance should be top of the list for managers. Explore our top tips to create a culture of communication, collaboration, and trust.
unconscious-bias-workplace Understanding unconscious bias in the workplace What unconscious bias is, why it’s a problem, and what we can do to prevent it from impacting others in the workplace.
how to conduct a training needs analysis How to conduct a training needs analysis: definitions, benefits and step-by-step instructions Conducting a training needs analysis is the first step to developing a successful training programme. But what is a training needs analysis? And how can you conduct one?
training for trainers Training for trainers: 5 skills all effective coaches need and how to develop them Get your training for trainers right and elevate your Learning & Development across the board! Here’s our guide to effective training for trainers and the 5 skills that great coaches need.
developing and retaining high potential employees Developing & retaining high-potential employees Employers believe that money is the answer to employee retention but employees don’t agree. Explore how you can identify high-potential employees — and how you can hold onto them.
learning from big tech Learning from big tech: how we can adopt the best B2C practices in B2B eLearning When 85% of employees claim to feel disengaged at work, eLearning solutions do not only compete with each other but also with social media and consumer tech. What B2C practices can a modern-day LMS adopt to stand this fight for user (and employee) attention?
gamification-and-personalisation-workplace Gamification and personalisation in the workplace: winning the fight for user attention With our collective attention span decreasing, how can you use gamification and personalisation to help you win the fight for user attention in the workplace?