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Oksana Gulias

With a background in teaching & instructional design, Oksana knows exactly what makes or breaks a good learning experience. In this blog, she shares her views on Customer Success and client work at My Learning Hub.
onboarding-checklists Onboarding templates and checklists to design great new-hire experiences Ease your recruits into their roles, answer any questions they may have, and introduce them to their management, co-workers and new company with these onboarding templates and checklists.
Image alt LMS for onboarding Estimates that replacing a staff member can cost £20-£30,000 and that new joiners generally reach optimum productivity after 20-30 weeks highlight the importance of onboarding best practices and an effective employee retention strategy.
Image alt Why do Learning Management Systems implementations fail? Introducing an LMS into your organisation is a major project and requires careful planning and management to succeed.
Image alt How and Why to Migrate to a New LMS Switching from one corporate learning management system to another needs careful planning and management to run smoothly.
Image alt Why do you need a compliance management system? Compliance is essential for all businesses, as lack of transparency and failure to follow regulations and laws may lead to: severe penalties, damage your company’s reputation and decrease market share.
Image alt 9 mistakes to avoid when creating e-learning content Engaging your learners is vital for e-learning content in your learning management system, but make sure they focus on what you want them to learn and are not distracted by badly designed material.
Image alt 5 ways to create engaging e-learning content The best e-learning platforms depend on high quality content that engages learners effectively.