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June 20, 2022

5 ways to create engaging e-learning content

The best e-learning platforms depend on high quality content that engages learners effectively. Here are five ways to create engaging content for your corporate LMS.

1. Clear objectives – Your learners need to know what they are going to achieve through the learning. Will it help them perform better in their jobs, leading to better rewards? Will it contribute to their personal development and help them progress to their dream job? Start with a clear title that explains what the content does and grabs learners’ attention.

2. Short and simple – Often e-learning content will be consumed when learners get a free moment. Create self-contained chapters or modules that take just a few minutes to complete. Focus on learning one point well rather than throwing in several, which could confuse the learner. If a learner becomes confused one minute into a four-minute video, they won’t understand or even watch the remaining four minutes.

3. Use stories – Sometimes essential training, such as health and safety, may not be thought interesting by learners, even though they need to complete it for compliance purposes. Use stories to make training on dry subjects more interesting and relevant to the learner’s job. Good stories make people want to find out what happens at the end and hold the audience’s attention so that they learn with enthusiasm.

4. Balanced formats – Get the right mix of formats: long pages of text can bore readers, while too many videos can turn viewers off. Use a variety of two or three formats, such as video, presentations or PDFs, to make the learning interesting. Don’t use too many different formats, but balance interactivity to keep content dynamic without giving the learner a headache.

5. Interaction – Engage employees by asking them to do something to practise what they have learnt, such as a quiz, game or short test. Provide feedback to let them know how they are doing to confirm that they understand the lesson correctly. If they need to clarify a specific point, let them pause or replay material to clarify information and reinforce learning.

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