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June 20, 2022

Why do Learning Management Systems implementations fail?

Introducing an LMS into your organisation is a major project and requires careful planning and management to succeed. Here are the top reasons why LMS implementations fail:

1. Lack of a corporate learning strategy so there’s no clear reason to have an LMS. At the very least, there should be basic business and learning objectives.

2. No dedicated project manager appointed to co-ordinate the many complex aspects of implementation. With so many stakeholders, including L&D, HR and IT departments, managers and employees, and vendors, a dedicated project manager is essential.

3. No assessment of technical requirements, so integration with workforce management, HRIS, ERP or legacy systems is left to chance, while there is no indication if the LMS will work on all types of device in use across the organisation.

4. Requirements have not been discussed in sufficient detail with enough LMS providers and the responses sought have not been thoroughly evaluated. Without in-depth consultations, personalised demos or full-access trials, LMS selection is left to guesswork.

5. Lack of internal communication so relevant stakeholders have no opportunity to influence the choice or deployment of the LMS to ensure that it satisfies their requirements.

6. Lack of communication with LMS suppliers so they are unable to assess compatibility with e-learning content, HR, ERP and legacy systems and APIs to ensure smooth data migration and integration.

7. User data not supplied to the supplier for loading on to the system. Without data and content the LMS is of little use to either management or users.

7. No timescales set or deadlines are missed due to lack of co-ordination. Such a complex project requires a schedule to which every participant must commit in order for events to follow the necessary sequence to reach completion.

8. The LMS chosen is too complex for its main purpose and users are deterred from using it because they find it too complicated.

9. Expectations are set so high that the selected LMS is unable to deliver.

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