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June 20, 2022

Microlearning with your LMS

Faced with a long, drawn-out training course, many of us can give up mentally before we’ve even started the first class. Microlearning offers an alternative, splitting courses into smaller chunks so learning is easier and progress more visible.

Learning management systems are ideal for delivering microlearning and can make content accessible anywhere over desktop or mobile devices. An LMS can deliver complete courses or short training on specific tasks through microlearning with each element lasting several minutes, such as a video demonstrating a process.

Microlearning also gives learning and development teams the flexibility to select the most suitable format for each element, e.g video, presentations, text documents or discussions, rather than having to use the same format for a whole course.

The benefits of microlearning include giving the learner control over where and when they learn, so that they can find a quiet space at a time when they can concentrate, and making the content more manageable, so learners are more likely to retain each piece of information before moving on to the next stage. This eliminates the costs required for classroom training, including travel and time out of work.

Microlearning is ideal for refreshing knowledge, remedying skills gaps or rectifying problems in work processes, as learners don’t need to take a whole course, but can access a module focusing on a specific task or topic. Such content can also be developed and deployed fast through a company LMS, which is essential if a problem is creating unnecessary costs and needs to be rectified fast.

Care needs to be taken when developing microlearning materials to ensure that the many elements work together to create a cohesive learning programme. Each piece of content needs to work towards achieving your corporate objectives and ensure learners are progressing along career paths, rather than completing random, fragmented training with no unified context.

Traditional, longer courses and classroom training may still be necessary for complex technical topics or compliance, although microlearning materials can complement and reinforce these.

With microlearning delivered through an LMS, learners can work at their own speed and see their progress as they complete each element.

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