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June 20, 2022

5 Questions to ask before choosing an LMS

Introducing a Learning Management System is as much an investment of your time as of your money, with the future development of your organisation’s skills base and culture depending on it. Choosing the right Learning Management System provider as your partner is as important as the system itself, so what questions can you ask to find the best match?

1. “How do you support the customer during LMS implementation and beyond?”

It’s important to establish how you’ll be guided during implementation processes such as data migration and which of the provider’s personnel will work with you at each stage. Also, what support levels and options are available, e.g. will support queries be acknowledged within one hour?

2. “Does your LMS pricing include all costs?”

Getting hit by hidden costs for unseen extras can wreck a project or wipe out return on investment. Ask to see costs for all options, even those you do not initially select, so that you can budget realistically. A vendor quick to charge for every extra may not be the best choice.

3. “How often do you update your LMS software?”

All technology evolves and every system has to upgrade to remain compatible. This is true of the best online learning platforms. How often does the vendor upgrade it and are upgrades free?

4. “How easily does your LMS integrate with other software?”

You’ll need your LMS to work in conjunction with your HR, ERP and legacy systems, so integration is essential. How easy will their LMS integrate? Is there a charge for integrating with software the vendor has not previously worked with?

5. “What is your customer retention rate?”

Customers satisfied with a provider and its products will continue using them. If many customers stop using the LMS after a just short period, does it actually deliver all that the provider claims?

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