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June 20, 2022

How to sell an LMS internally

While you know what benefits a corporate learning management system willbring to your business, you could face management resistance to change. You need total management support for the LMS, not only to approve the business case and funding, but also to encourage full use of the LMS across the organisation. So how do you sell key LMS benefits internally?

Demonstrate that the LMS is an investment, not a cost, and back this up with examples of the return on investment it will deliver.

Effective delivery of the corporate learning strategy – This should have at its core the development of all employees to their full potential and improved business performance.

Reduce infrastructure, travel and time costs for learning – Tailored e-learning reduces the need for classroom training so less accommodation is needed. Less travel will be required, reducing costs and saving employees’ time, as courses can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, often without leaving the workplace.

Get employees up to speed faster – Use microlearning to deliver concentrated bursts of online content or courses in bite-size chunks so that new joiners or employees switching roles learn and progress fast while on the job.

Resolve known operations issues – Use the LMS to target tailored online training to relevant personnel to improve operational processes where problems are adding unnecessary costs.

Manage compliance automatically – Monitor licences, registrations and continuing professional development for all job roles automatically to schedule renewal and prevent lapses. From First Aid to materials handling, from HGV driving to DBS checks, from accountancy and legal qualifications to health and safety requirements, the LMS provides an automated compliance management system that can relieve individual departments of the heavy administrative burden. It also helps the organisation meet its legal responsibilities and maintain insurance cover by ensuring staff keep relevant qualifications or licences up to date.

Streamline HR administration – As the LMS will record training, development and assessments automatically, you can choose to make specific data available to HR and L&D departments, relevant managers and employees themselves to make HR administration easier for everyone.

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