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New Start is a family run not-for-profit organisation established in 1997 delivering a diverse range of homelessness projects which are designed to help some of the most complex and disadvantaged groups across Merseyside.
Residential care services
300 users
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New Start Homes provides support and residential care services for vulnerable men, women, children and young people in Merseyside. Its 125 full-time employees work with some 350 people through providing housing and support, and residential childcare.


Liam Welch joined New Start Homes in April 2020 as HR Manager before being appointed HR Director in 2021 when learning and development became part of his remit. He recognised the need for a mandatory training programme for employees and for improvements to reporting for the senior management team. Liam had used My Learning Hub’s learning management system (LMS) in his previous role so knew that it would achieve what New Start Homes wanted. He had worked with previous versions of the system and had seen its effectiveness continue to improve.

“The version we’re using now is incredible. It`s doing everything that I needed to do to support this business.”

The objectives

New Start Homes’ original requirement was for mandatory training, such as safeguarding,

prevention and control of infection, professional boundaries, health and safety compliance, manual handling, fire awareness and first aid.

“There wasn’t really a central recording space or a method of being able to deliver the training flexibly and cost effectively. I knew that we could do that with My Learning Hub.”

The solution

New Start Homes’ implementation of My Learning Hub was completed very quickly and smoothly, and the LMS went live in October 2020.

“From when we actually signed the contract, we were probably live within a month. We had to make sure that our logos were in place, all of our users were in place, and permissions and everything else were set up. We set ourselves a target of two months and were ready within one month.

One of the main aims of providing mandatory training was achieved quickly and New Start Homes has moved on to developing its own original training through the LMS.

“We`ve recently developed our own Level Two Therapeutic Childcare qualification and My Learning Hub is facilitating that. We’re delivering sessions over Zoom, uploading the videos of the sessions and then setting assignment questions weekly for the employees in the course. Everything is run through the LMS – all of the documents, all of the learning materials, the recordings, and the questions and responses, they’re all in the system.”

New Start Homes is also making use of free courses from My Learning Hub’s content library to drive its Wellbeing Charter.

“Through the authoring tool, we’re accessing the 150 free courses about wellbeing that are fantastic. So we’re delivering a monthly wellbeing programme, where we’re utilising My Learning Hub and the courses available to feed into our monthly project, which, on average, gets about 95 views. That’s not mandatory and staff don’t have to do that. There’s no test at the end of the wellbeing, but we’re still getting 95 plus views of the wellbeing material, which is great.”

The Results

System utilisation: 100%
Number of users: 300
Courses built: 152
Numbers of material: 229
Liam Welch
Liam Welch
HR Director
“Staff feedback has been incredible! My Learning Hub has enhanced the offer to the organisation. Staff are able to learn at their own pace and we are able to give them so much more information. It’s great! We love it!”