Coillte is a commercial forestry business in Ireland, owned by the state, and based in Newtownmountkennedy. Coillte manage approximately 7% of the country’s land, and operates three businesses - their core forestry business, a land solutions business, and a wood panel manufacturing business called `Medite Smartply`.
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Coillte is a commercial forestry company, owned by the State, that manages approximately 7% of the country’s land. Coillte operates three strong businesses from this land – their core forestry business, a wood panels manufacturing business MEDITE SMARTPLY and a land solutions business. Coillte’s vision is to be the best forestry and land solutions company in Europe.


Following a rigorous and detailed procurement process, Coillte Teoranta chose My Learning Hub as their partner to deliver our training software. My Learning Hub was selected on a range of criteria including competitive pricing, technical expertise, experience, and supplier fit. After 5 successful years with My Learning

Hub, Coillte grew from 800 to 2,200 users and decided to upgrade to the new version of the system (version 2) and extend their contract.

The Objectives

The initial key use for this training system was to support the storage and retrieval of Safety and Certification records which are a legislative requirement for Coillte. Coillte required a solution that would be easy to use and allow employees and contractors to see what training is taking place through a training portal, where they can submit training requests and have their manager authorise or reject their application as appropriate.

The Challenge

Effectively migrating all historical training and compliance data for all Coillte Group, while keeping a 100% accuracy and adhering to the strict internal procedures. Ability to set up Skills Matrices that can be leveraged to run Training Needs Analysis for Coillte staff, operators, and other third-party trainees. The mechanism to support import/export training data with other legacy systems. Ability to schedule automated reports, questionnaires, and evaluation functionality. It was also vital that Managers could instantly check compliance for operators that needed to use/operate any form of tools/machinery or vehicles in the field. It not only needed to be quick but also so simple that there would be no confusion from any staff when completing these checks, as to whether staff were compliant or not.

The Solution

To ensure continuity of all staff and contractors working on sites, My Learning Hub provided Coillte with scheduled reporting, team compliance management, and automated reminders to notify the administrator of any users whose accredited training was due to expire. The team would be alerted well in advance so they could plan budgets and understand long term training costs. Also, the HR department required functionality which would allow users to upload certificates from third parties. However, before they were marked as compliant they required approval from the authorised senior users. My Learning Hub LMS allowed Coillte to automate such procedures. With many locations around the country, our solution enabled Coillte’s contractors and staff to book and undertake training from different locations, it also allowed all staff and contractors compliance status’ to be instantly accessed/checked on easy to understand data fields. With thousands of staff working in dangerous conditions, Coillte had to be certain that day to day duties were completed to a higher safety standard as possible, My Learning Hub is a key part of maintaining that higher safety standard.

The Results

System utilisation: 92%
Number of users: 2500
Courses built: 80
Numbers of material: 36
Kay Maguire
Kay Maguire
Training Standards Specialist
“My Learning Hub delivered on every promise and adjusted the system along the wayas we went through the process of upgrading our HR system.“