Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is a not-for-profit social enterprise building African solutions for the global challenge of youth unemployment.
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Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise that works with individual businesses, government agencies, local and international donors, industry sector associations, youth-serving organisations, assessment specialists, behaviour change experts and technology providers in Rwanda and South Africa. It works with young people aged 18 to 35 and has supported some 7,000 young people, guiding more than 1,400 into job opportunities, work experience or learning opportunities.


Harambee offers training to young people and had previously delivered this face-to-face at its centre in Kigali, Rwanda as well as visiting other locations to deliver training locally. Rapid change was required after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic so that delivery of training could continue uninterrupted online. 

The objectives

Kevin Rwema is in charge of online learning and explains how Harambee selected a learning management system (LMS) to continue its training activities online.

“We had a testing team who went through other different LMSs. The testers have given different comments, they were saying that My Learning Hub is easy to use, easy to customise, and the fact that it was a web-based application, which doesn’t require any software or applications to install on your phone. Those are the reasons why we chose My Learning Hub.”

The challenges

Harambee’s challenge was to replicate learning previously delivered in person in a digital format to help learners find employment or start earning for themselves. Kevin says that they have used My Learning Hub’s authoring tools to create online material.

“All the content that we provide, we are the ones to develop it. It’s easy and so friendly. That’s one of the reasons why we chose it.”

The materials Harambee has built cover topics such as professional English and how to write good CVs as well as demonstrating how candidates should conduct themselves during interviews. Harambee has created all its own materials, with some five courses produced for Rwanda and eight courses for South Africa. It has also created local tutorials to introduce candidates to using My Learning Hub.

The Results

System utilisation: 84%
Number of users: 12000
Courses built: 36
Numbers of material: 434
Tabeth Hela
Tabeth Hela
Content Development Specialist
“We like My Learning Hub because it is web based, which means its accessible in any way, whether you’re using a small Android phone, a tablet or even a big screen, and it’s very easy for candidates to access it.”