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Active Luton is a sports and leisure trust operating a variety of sports and leisure facilities in Luton. It is also responsible for developing sport and has a key role helping to improve the health and well-being of residents within the local community.
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Community wellbeing trust
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Active Luton is a Community Wellbeing Trust committed to maintaining and improving the health and wellbeing of the community of Luton in the UK. It achieves this by inspiring, motivating and offering opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to learn and take action to improve their lives. Active Luton runs leisure facilities and provides a wide range of high-quality programmes and activities which enable local people to participate in physical activity, improve their health and wellbeing, enhance their education and skills, and create career opportunities.


Active Luton’s broad range of activities and responsibilities requires its employees to complete many different types of training, much of it mandatory for compliance purposes. It introduced My Learning Hub’s learning management system (LMS) to create a central training resource for organising and delivering all training from initial induction and customer care training to all its bookable courses, as well as to link through to specialist training provided by external providers. 

The objectives

Toni Chivers, Director of Education, Training and Development, assumed the role of developing My Learning Hub’s use in the organisation. Toni heads up teams which deliver training internally and to other leisure providers, as well as to PE teachers in schools and to libraries. Every employee undergoes regular training on a variety of topics. 

Just before the first Coronavirus pandemic, Toni began to get grips with the LMS, although lockdowns brought unexpected challenges to the organisation’s operations, with its facilities closed for much of the past year.

“I’ve spent the last year-and-a-half just understanding the system, and liaising with Max and Thomas (at My Learning Hub) and I love it, I think it’s brilliant. I’ve become its ambassador.”

The challenges

Staff had been used to organising training using paper systems, while users had become familiar with accessing specialist training through a third party provider’s system. The challenge was to transform the entire organisation’s approach to creating, organising and experiencing training through the LMS. 

The solution

“We’re now using it to run our bookable courses. So we run first aid, national pool lifeguard qualifications, rescue tests for swimming teachers, pool plant operators certificates, and we do our corporate induction. We’ve developed it to book our courses on and also use it as the platform for our blended learning.”

Active Luton now creates its own online content using the authoring tool as well as uploading presentations in other formats. All the organisation’s policies are also being uploaded to the LMS, which include instructions on how people can access their training through My Learning Hub.

The Results

System utilisation: 76%
Number of users: 400
Courses built: 145
Numbers of material: 247
Toni (Chivers)Terleph
Toni (Chivers)Terleph
Director of Education, Training & Development
“My Learning Hub is an integral part of our organisation. We are now using it to manage and also audit our internal training. It is just the kind of vehicle for checking compliance. I’ve just written an updated learning and development policy and procedure, and integral to that is My Learning Hub.”