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Alina Veselaya

Having worked as a strategic brand consultant in tech startups, Alina leads Brand & Marketing at My Learning Hub. In this blog, she writes about the company's brand positioning, vision, and industry insights.
what trainers can learn from King Richard What training managers can learn from King Richard If you've seen the film King Richard, you'll know how inspiring Richard's approach to training his two daughters was. Learn from his strategies and mistakes.
bottom up approach to learning content creation and sharing A bottom-up approach to learning content creation and sharing Giving learners more ownership — via a bottom-up approach to L&D — is one of the most powerful ways of keeping top talent and making them feel valued.
organisational changemakers Organisational changemakers & how they enable change through learning Some people have a natural affinity for persuasion and encouraging positive change. How can you identify them and help them help you?
10 jobs with the best work-life balance 10 jobs with the best work-life balance What is the best job to have for a great work-life balance? We’ve gone through the top 10 jobs for work-life balance to answer this.
summer reads Book recommendations: Holiday season Whether at the beach, in the countryside or on a city staycation, plan for your reading peace and quiet with these picks.
different-generations-workplace The one value that unites generational differences in the workplace There are now four generational groups in workplaces: Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Zoomers. With the focus often on the differences between generations, we often forget about the common ground — and the one value that unites them.
generational-theory-elearning Generational theory in corporate learning: how to do training for Gen Z, Y, X, and Boomers Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers are now working side by side in organisations up and down the country. This generational mix brings opportunities for employers but also presents challenges that managers have to address.
Custom Content vs Off-the-Shelf eLearning Content for Organisation Off-the-shelf content versus custom content Learn about the pros and cons of off-the-shelf content versus creating custom content. We will look at how to choose the most appropriate solution.
LMS for Salesforce Integration: Features and Benefits LMS for Salesforce Integration Features and benefits of LMS integration with salesforce for your organisation. Get a way to deliver information to your sales team and improve efficiency.
Using a Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Manufacturing Using LMS for Manufacturing Company Want to know how Learning Management System (LMS) can be applied in manufacturing companies? Read our blog.
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LMS for Customer Training: Importance of Customer Training platforms LMS for Customer Training Find out how LMS for customer training can help automate processes, get the most out of your product or service and deliver an engaging customer experience.