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How an LMS enhances sales training
How an LMS enhances sales training
Level up your employees and enable them to improve their sales performance. Using a learning management system (LMS), your employees can complete sales training courses anywhere, any time. Develop your sales team through virtual training, certification programs or courses.
Create interactive courses
Create engaging courses and memorable content with interactive courses that mimic a two-way conversation, making training even more effective for your sales team.
Create interactive courses
Write courses quickly and easily
With an LMS, you can quickly design courses to strengthen industry knowledge, improve soft skills or facilitate ongoing learning to allow your team to excel.
Write courses quickly and easily
Save on costs
Using a learning management system will save your trainers time and costs. It will also help position your company as an industry leader that attracts and retains top talent.
Save on costs
Empower your employees
Sales training should empower employees and make teams feel great. With smart LMS features, your team members can log in to complete courses that help them improve various skills.
Empower your employees
Improve sales training with My Learning Hub
My Learning Hub offers a customisable and configurable learning system that allows you to level up your sales employees through interactive training modules. The software helps learning and development professionals and trainers to consistently deliver ongoing training across the organisation.
Assign training and roles
You can customise your settings to allow permissions for certain users or assign training as needed. The system will curate courses based on the skills needed by the employee, making it easier to upskill every member of the team.
Access industry-leading material
My Learning Hub easily integrates with several platforms, including Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, giving your employees access to more than 30,000 interactive courses.
Comprehensive course builder
My Learning Hub has a library of intuitive white-label templates that enable you to create SCORM compliant training modules quickly. Processes changed? No problem. Edit your training materials or courses at any time, for free!
Engaging and interactive material that fits your brand
Our customisable platform allows you to make it match your brand guidelines. We offer a variety of options to create modules, including voice and audio, making training more engaging and interactive for your employees.
Personalise training paths
Our sales training tool allows you to create personalised paths for your sales associates. You can customise the sequences of courses, set deadlines, and set alerts to keep employees in the know.
What is sales training?
What is sales training?

Sales training is the development of skills and techniques related to creating and managing sales opportunities, or closing sales for a business. Ultimately, it is designed to give employees the industry knowledge, soft skills and confidence to deliver better sales results.

Training can cover a variety of topics, from communication to negotiation to team collaboration. Many companies create training programs for sales to improve their influence on decision-makers or enable them to make better sales deals.

How sales training benefits employees
Let’s look at what employees stand to gain from sales training courses…
Creates career opportunities
Sales skills are highly desirable. By acquiring skills and qualifications, employees will become eligible for promotions and career progression.
Enhances understanding of products, services, and the organisation
A sales training system can ensure your team has a deep understanding of the products and services they are selling. When sales associates have a strong grasp on what your organisation does and offers, selling to others is so much easier and more successful.
Improves happiness
Using sales enablement software gives your sales team clear and distinct instruction on how to do their job. This makes for happier employees as they understand what is expected of them and are equipped to do that.
Builds autonomy and confidence
At the same time, sales training also creates a better level of awareness around related job roles and responsibilities. Employees will require less supervision from management and feel more confident to eventually step up into leadership roles themselves.
How sales training benefits employers
Now let’s look at the other side of the coin: how sales training brings benefits to the business…
Increased revenue
Increased revenue
It goes without saying, sales enablement training enables your teams to close more deals. Sales training software gives your team the skills needed to effectively do their jobs — when your salesforce is knowledgeable, you see an increase in revenue.
Improved productivity
Sales education empowers your teams, making them more confident. More confident employees are more productive than those without proper training.
Reduced staff turnover
Companies that offer specific training for employees tend to experience less staff turnover. This is because employees no longer have to look elsewhere for their career progression, or to feel valued by their employers.
Engage your trainees
Training sales employees builds stronger teams that are aligned on goals and purpose. Well adapted, specialised teams that are clear on their project roles and responsibilities outperform untrained employees.
How an LMS supports sales training
Sales isn’t easy. But providing training for sales can be. Employees not only need to know the product or service they’re selling inside and out, but they also need to possess soft skills like active listening and objection handling to be able to make the sale. An LMS improves your training efforts in several ways:
  • Automated training
    You can automate and schedule training, freeing up your time to focus on the core needs of your team instead of mundane tasks.
  • More efficiency
    LMS integrates with various other systems your company is already using. This allows you to sync processes and training, leading to more efficiency.
  • Fewer disruptions
    The days of sale seminars are behind us. Mobile capabilities on LMS allow your team to study wherever they want. When they are empowered to study whenever and wherever they want, there are likely to be fewer disruptions.
  • Decreased costs
    Your company will see decreased overhead and training costs. Web-based training modules don’t need a classroom or dedicated instructor to oversee each module. You create them and then use them over and over.
Examples of sales training
Now, let’s discuss a few examples of effective sales training…
Software sales training

In the software industry, things move quickly. Instead of having to schedule a team-wide training days with every new software update, with an LMS, employers can quickly update existing training courses to keep information relevant and up to date. If you’re not fast, you’re last — sales is competitive. With a library of intuitive white-label templates, employers can quickly develop training for new products.

Retail sales training

Retail sales training will generally focus on competencies that deliver a better customer experience. This is achieved through a mix of soft skills and technical training, and covers everything from product knowledge and customer service skills to closing or upselling. It’s not a once and done exercise, so the automation of a sales training software can help ensure your team completes all required training to be retail savvy.

Hotel sales training
In the hospitality industry, customer interactions are everything. This isn’t something you can teach on paper. Sales training for hotels will need to involve intuitive, open-ended questions, active listening, and skills to maintain profitable customer relationships. It’s a unique mix, and one that benefits from interactive training software that can mimic real-life situations. With an LMS, you can create engaging video and audio questions and answers that will help your employees develop the skills they need.
The only sales training system you need

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