Employee training

Employee training
How an LMS improves employee training
Equip your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to improve their job performance. With an employee training software — or learning management system — your employees can undertake virtual training wherever they're based, to grow their expertise, complete courses and earn certifications.
Achieve more in less time
Enhance employee engagement and reach your corporate goals — all the while using smart automation in your LMS.
Achieve more in less time
Course writing made easy
Create courses that help to boost productivity, improve teamwork, or provide newfound industry knowledge. An LMS makes it intuitive and easy.
Course writing made easy
Save on costs
Not only will an LMS save your trainers time, and therefore money, but you’ll also be better positioned to attract and retain the top talent that your industry has to offer.
Save on costs
Empower employees
Employee training should make teams feel good. With smart LMS features, your colleagues can log in and work through the content that helps them improve.
Empower employees
Level up employee training with My Learning Hub
My Learning Hub is an intuitive learning software that helps L&D and Training managers to keep learners engaged and consistently deliver training within their organisation. Use our central management system to easily customise, deliver and analyse the knowledge your employees need.
  • Deliver relevant training
    Curate personalised learning content to help employees excel in their roles. Assign courses to upskill employees or enhance their knowledge on a specialised topic.
  • Use mobile capabilities
    My Learning Hub is available on mobile, so your employees can complete their training wherever they prefer.
  • Integrate with known tools
    My Learning Hub integrates seamlessly with MS Teams, Slack, G Suite and more. Courses can be searched for directly, with recommendations, reminders and rewards sent out to individuals.
  • Design beautiful courses, no training needed
    Create SCORM-compliant L&D programmes in no time at all with our range of beautiful, intuitive white-label templates — no design skills required! Edit and make changes to your employee training courses at any time, for free.
  • Measure results
    Understand the impact of employee training and measure ROI. Take these analytics to senior management and demonstrate the value that your LMS brings.
  • Enjoy industry-leading course material
    My Learning Hub integrates with Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, giving your employees access to 30,000+ unique and interactive courses.
What is employee training?

Employee training is designed to provide teams with specialist skills and knowledge to help them perform better in their roles. These skills could be either technical, vocational or even people-related.

Whether an employee needs to improve their productivity, brush up on their customer service skills or learn how to use a technology that’s new to the industry, employee training will help them to refine the skills that are needed for organisational growth.

What is employee training?

How staff training benefits employers

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin: how training employees brings benefits to the business…

Reduced staff turnover
Reduced staff turnover
Companies that offer training for employees tend to experience less staff turnover. This is because employees no longer have to look elsewhere for their career progression, or to feel valued by their employers.
Engaged teams
Training employees builds stronger, more harmonious teams that are aligned on goals and purpose. Well adapted, specialised teams that are clear on their project roles and responsibilities outperform untrained employees.
Increased productivity
Provide the right training and employee development, and your staff will be able to increase the rate and quality of their output. Essentially, they’ll be able to perform their jobs with less effort in less time.
Competitive advantage
By using an LMS for employee training, you’ll be able to customise learning courses for specific job roles. This way, your employees will be better equipped with industry knowledge and expertise, as well as the skills to use the technology that can propel your company forward.
Healthier profit margins
With the reduced staff turnover, highly engaged teams, productive employees and competitive advantage brought about by your company training programme, your business will begin to see healthier profit margins.

What does successful employee training look like?

To make your employee training system a success, you’ll need to plan for the short and long term needs of your company as well as your staff.

There are some best practices ...
There are some best practices to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment into employee training. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider:

Let employees tell you what they need training on

You may have an idea of what types of staff training you’d like to implement within your organisation. But it’s best to consult the people who will be undergoing the training programme as well. They may point out some of their weaker areas that you weren’t already aware of, or have their eye on some specialised skills that are becoming increasingly popular in the industry.

With their ideas, you’ll be able to deliver relevant training to employees that they’ll engage more heavily with, as it addresses their personal wants and needs.

Accommodate different learning styles

When it comes to employee development and training, there is no one size fits all. Employees will all have their own unique learning styles that help them to better understand and retain information.

With the support of an LMS, you have the freedom to curate courses that accommodate these differences. Whether an employee prefers to read and absorb information, get more hands-on with practical guidance, or attend virtual or in-person events to hear about and discuss their learnings, our platform can help you to make it happen.

Get feedback on your training
It’s important to know whether your training for employees is effective, so that you can improve the learning content. The best way to do this is through feedback forms, where your employees can tell you specifically what’s going well and what needs work.
The only employee training system you need

My Learning Hub is a training platform for employees that everyone loves to use. It’s highly configurable and easy to use, so L&D managers can design training programs that work — with none of the filler. And with survey tools to gather feedback from participants before and after each course, you can co-create and tweak your training materials for continuous, company-wide improvement.

Create your competitive advantage and keep talented teams engaged, starting today.

The only employee training system you need
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