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Extended enterprise training
How an LMS improves extended enterprise training
How an LMS improves
extended enterprise training
Empower users and partners with a learning management system (LMS) for extended enterprise training. High-quality training ensures that your clients have the best possible experience of your product and allows your partners to be effective (and lucrative) ambassadors for your company.
Enjoy maintenance-free training material
Minimise the time spent training customers and partners with a maintenance-free LMS. Manage user access and course content from one central space.
Enhance customer experience
Boost customer retention and improve your upselling by helping customers and clients to get the best from your products and services.
Be known for great customer service
Empower partners and representatives to offer top quality customer service. Solutions to problems can also be uploaded to your LMS quickly, providing pre-emptive support.
Keep high quality at low cost
An LMS allows you to roll out excellent partner training without hours of one-on-one instruction. This means lower costs, with no drop in quality.
Upskill your partner network with My Learning Hub
My Learning Hub is the LMS with a dedicated extended enterprise offer: Hubs. Use our intuitive course builder and ‘available anywhere’ materials to upskill, empower and align your partners, reps, customers and anyone else who would benefit from learning about your product(s).
Pay for what you need
Our tiered, scalable pricing model offers the best of both worlds. Onboard every new partner and customer with no additional per-user cost. Only pay for what you use, with an affordable pricing model based on your cloud storage.
Offer intuitive, integrated training
Integrate with the tools your customers and partners are familiar with, to maximise training uptake. Simple integration with tools such as MS Teams, G-Suite or Slack.
Fit training around users’ schedules
Fully online learning content accessible 24/7 allows users to work on their training and development at times that suit them.
Harness expertise
Encourage experts within your organisation to create course content that taps into their specialist knowledge. This helps spread best practices and allows users to learn from the best, sharing their hard-won tips and tricks.
Build custom hubs
Create a white-labelled hub in just a few minutes, providing a customised experience for each user group quickly and easily.
Provide relevant training
Keep clients and partners motivated with highly-relevant training. Assign selected courses and content to specific users to provide them with the most appropriate information and development. Highlight new content that’s relevant to existing users.
Issue on-the-go training
My Learning Hub is fully mobile-enabled, allowing partners and customers to work on their training wherever they are.
Avoid duplicating effort
Avoid time-consuming, repetitive content delivery. My Learning Hub allows you to produce content once for delivery to an unlimited number of users.
What is extended enterprise training?
What is extended enterprise training?

Extended enterprise training is any training you offer to anyone outside of your organisation. This includes partners, such as vendors, consultants, or external sales reps. The training you offer to customers and clients, demonstrating how to use your products and services would also count as extended enterprise training.

Enterprise training solutions are essential to creating a positive experience of your company, and building effective, successful relationships with partners and customers alike.

Examples of extended enterprise learning
Partner training
Extended enterprise training is also used to train resellers and global partners in the benefits of your products and services. Many of these partners will be providing products and services from a range of competing companies. A partner who understands and is confident in your product will typically provide far better sales than one who lacks this kind of familiarity.
Customer training
One of the biggest uses of enterprise training is to empower customers to make the most of your product. Often called “customer training academies”, this type of extended enterprise training results in an improved customer experience and greater renewal and upselling rates.
3 benefits of extended enterprise training
3 benefits of extended enterprise training

An extended enterprise training system operates as onboarding for anyone who isn’t an employee of your company, and it carries many of the same benefits… and a few more on top.

  1. 1.
    Hit the ground running

    Partners and customers who go through your enterprise training programme are able to get great results from your products and services, right from day 1. Having clear, structured training allows customers to identify key features and tools that make their lives easier. They quickly learn the true value of your products, improving customer satisfaction and, ultimately, retention. Partners are able to quickly understand the key advantages of your offering, allowing them to act on your behalf with confidence.

  2. 2.
    Ensure high engagement

    Your R&D teams devote huge resources to creating exciting features and new offerings, because you know that these are valuable to your clients. Until your customers are actually using them, however, these features are simply a sunk cost.

    Customers who engage with enterprise e-learning use more features of your product. This provides them with better results and offers a meaningful demonstration of the ways in which you are able to solve their problems.

    Partners who understand and engage with your products regularly, and who have benefited from enterprise training, will feel more confident suggesting your products and are likely to provide significantly higher ROI than those who only engage with your offerings occasionally.

  3. 3.
    Free up your customer support teams

    Many companies have used the COVID pandemic as an excuse for poor customer service. This might have been tolerated in the first few months, but no longer. Companies that maintain high levels of customer service are being rewarded with great customer loyalty.

    Extended enterprise learning allows customers to find the solutions to common questions quickly and easily. This saves them time and also reduces the burden on your customer support teams. With more time to spare, customer support teams are able to respond quickly to those customers who need their support and can devote their efforts to more complex problems.

3 considerations for an enterprise training system
Keep it engaging and relevant

Partners or customers taking part in your enterprise training may not be fully invested in your company. Their attention and motivation for training can’t be assumed. Keep them engaged by ensuring that your training is both relevant and engaging.

Make sure it’s convenient

Asking new partners to come into your office (or providing a trainer in their workplace) can sometimes be a viable solution, but it’s not feasible long term. Training needs to be an ongoing process, and partners need to be able to access it in a way that is convenient for them. Ideally, this would be online and available 24/7.

Fresh your content frequently
Dated training can be a chore to sit through — it also fails to answer the questions partners want to ask. Ensuring your enterprise training system is easy to update allows you to add new products and services and provide rapid solutions to emerging problems.
Stop wasting time and money on poor extended enterprise training

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