Compliance training

How an LMS improves compliance training
Keep employees up to code with industry-specific compliance training. Using a learning management system (LMS), you can deliver the required training online and never worry about non-compliance with laws or legislation. Minimise your company’s risk and reassure senior management by training employees in the industry’s best practices.
Award certifications
Streamline your admin and keep track of completion rates. Automatically award certificates as formal recognition of completion.
Stay on top of certificate expirations
Set reminders for when a compliance certificate is due to expire and waste no time in getting employees recertified.
Streamline reporting
Monitor your employees’ training progress, course completions and certifications awarded in one intuitive place. Easily identify and resolve potential issues in the process to mitigate the risk of non-compliance.
Assign relevant courses
Compliance training looks different from role to role. An LMS makes it simple to enrol employees or departments onto the right courses — and track their progress.
Compliance training peace of mind with My Learning Hub

Put top-quality compliance training on autopilot with the My Learning Hub LMS. Leaders from all departments can add, amend and access learning content easily. No matter what type of compliance training is required for your industry, we’ve got the tools to help you stay ahead.

Engage employees (really!)
Do your employees get jazzed about compliance training? They will now! Incentivise staff to complete their compliance training with gamification features. Reward user activity with points, badges and leaderboards.
Provide mobile access
Allow employees to access their courses on the go so they can complete their training at a time that works for them. No more missed deadlines, no more non-compliance risk.
Remain SCORM-compliant
Share your training results with compliance governing bodies, in the industry-standard format.
Keep your business moving
Set deadlines inside My Learning Hub and notify employees when it’s time to complete their training. Create strict content and order of completion within your compliance courses to keep everyone aligned.
Integrate with familiar tools
My Learning Hub can integrate with your favourite apps. From communication tools such as MS Teams and Slack, to further learning content from Coursera and LinkedIn Learning.
What is compliance training?

Compliance training is compulsory for employees, mandated by government legislation or policies. Employees have to undergo compliance training in order to educate themselves on specific regulations within your industry.

Compliance training helps businesses to mitigate the risk of non-compliance (and avoid hefty fines or penalties). Compliance education can also help prevent incidences of poor conduct amongst your workers and help improve their efficiency on the job.

4 benefits of effective compliance training
What are the pros of online training compliance? Let’s take a look…
Added confidence

Employees aren’t hired for their knowledge of red tape. Compliance training reassures both the employee and the company — so that everyone feels confident in their ability to side-step issues and carry out processes properly.

Using an LMS for compliance training will also help employers to keep track of:

  • Which compliance certificates employees have achieved.
  • What information each compliance course contains.
  • The expiration date of said certificates.
  • The areas that employees need further training on.

Reinforced company policies

When teams are aligned with your company policies, this sends positive ripples out across the organisation; you’ll promote an inclusive, safe place for your employees to work in, knowing that everybody’s on the same page.

E-learning compliance training software helps to bring policies to life and ensures that your employees know exactly what’s in them.

Clear audit trail

Governing bodies want proof that your employees have completed their compliance programme training. A good LMS platform will provide reports on which employees are compliant within various areas, what they learned and even their user activity.

Assessments will show the progress of your employees and prove that they were engaged with the compliance learning materials.

Maintained company reputation

Non-compliance is not a good look. Investors and other stakeholders will be deterred from doing business with you if you’re found to be non-compliant.

Integrating a compliance training solution, on the other hand, offers the power of competitive advantage. Third parties will have more faith in your commitment to remaining compliant, as well as your company ethics.

Examples of compliance training
The type of compliance training your employees need will depend on your industry. This could include:
Food preparation, storage and transportation rules
There are strict rules around food prep and care to protect the consumer. They’ll apply pretty much anywhere that concerns food consumption, from aviation to hospitality, logistics, and (of course) the food and beverage industry.
Franchise operating procedures and guidelines
The franchise industry is already large and continues to expand. To maintain consistency, owners of a franchise establish rules that define their brand for the franchises to comply with.
Environmental laws and regulations
Environmental compliance is essential for several industries: waste treatment facilities, manufacturing, petroleum, and so on.
Regulations regarding the storage and handling of data
Any company that stores or processes data — retailers, web platforms and tech companies in particular — will require compliance training to ensure that their protocols are in line with applicable government regulations.
Healthcare-related laws and regulations
Those that work in healthcare have many compliance rules, including a standard of ethical conduct. The same applies to the pharmaceutical industry, which must comply with regulations from research and development all the way through to the point of purchase.
The power of LMS for better compliance training
Taking compliance training online empowers companies to effortlessly manage various training courses for safety and security. Whether you’re in a heavily regulated industry or not, switching to an LMS for compliance training brings many added benefits.

Available everywhere
With an LMS, compliance training becomes more accessible from anywhere in the world, from any device.
Better value training
With an LMS, compliance training is carried out virtually, reducing instructor expenses and saving travel and venue costs. Better still, compliance courses can be used by all staff members indefinitely, with no further investment required (apart from a few tweaks to stay up to date!).
Less risky
In the case of legal action, companies need meticulous digital records to prove that an employee was informed of specific policies and laws.
Always top of mind
Store all company information in one location, so that your team can stop, start, and review their training instantaneously, whenever needed.
Compliance shouldn’t be a chore
If you’re sick of spending hours designing compliance training, then make the switch to My Learning Hub. Our intuitive course builder makes designing engaging and effective compliance courses as simple as it should be. Non-compliance isn’t worth the risk, especially when compliance training is as easy as this.
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