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In an industry like IT, the benefits of online training software are already well-known. With My Learning Hub, your company can create consistent, standardized learning programs. Your tech or software company can benefit from the ease and efficiency of a single training hub. You can onboard your teams faster, train them in sales, customer support, and product updates, all within the reliable simplicity of this highly efficient eLearning platform.

eLearning fits the IT industry perfectly

With the explosion of tech as a dominant force in the world of business, IT companies and IT departments have more turnover and growth than ever before. Competition is fierce, and efficiency is key, for training employees and new hires, due to the rapid rate of evolution of modern technology.

The goal of any IT department is to support a company’s efficiency, automation, tech, and cost effectiveness, making it a perfect fit for eLearning.

  • It scales its reach effortlessly to educate unlimited students
  • It can be modified to meet the needs of staff in various branches, departments, cities, and countries
  • It offers clear, consistent education on subjects such as new API’s, security guidelines, and deployment instructions.
  • It can efficiently include new educational training needs on any subject
  • It can self-assess and analyze its own effectiveness
  • It’s affordable and financially efficient for the company

LMS features responding to IT sector needs


We live in a global society. With massive multi-national corporations spread out across the world, there is a need for employee training that is scalable, cost effective, and location-independent. Fortunately, eLearning serves all these needs, and allows large companies to streamline their efficiency and strengthen their foundations with a single LMS training installation.


In the IT industry, there is a crucial need for a solid foundation of consistency within training protocols. Thanks to eLearning, you can get everyone on the same page and offer a wide breadth of information to all of your employees, gracefully.


You need your employees functioning at their optimal capacity, without disruption. In the fast-paced IT world, where employees need to be on call 24/7 to take care of technical emergencies, they need to be able to function within a flexible training schedule. eLearning empowers your crucial employees to still effectively do their jobs, while learning in their free time.


In the ever-fluctuating world of technology, you need to regularly update your training material to reflect the changing times and technological evolutions. The flexibility of the My Learning Hub training platform allows for immediate updates and new course installations in a flash. Its plugins and API extension capabilities allow tech-savvy IT staff to modify it to serve any unique needs that might arise.