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As a Non-profit, your mission is to minimize your overhead and stretch your funds so that you have more resources to give back to the communities you serve. The LMS for nonprofits is perfect for this purpose, as it empowers you to effectively train all the members of your team on different levels of the organization, from board members, to staff, to volunteers, and donors. In this way you can minimize your budget while increasing your organization’s impact.

Why it’s crucial for Non-Profit companies to use an LMS

When examining effective NGO’s like Doctors Without Borders and Greenpeace, you can observe that their business model operates on a similar scale to large multinational companies. Although their mission is philanthropic, they encounter the same hierarchical organizational power structures and training needs.

Whether that means educating their staff, their donors, their partners, or the public, they have a massive need for organization and efficiency within their training system. My Learning Hub offers a graceful and streamlined way for them to organize their team, with as much professionalism as a modern for-profit company.

  • It can scale trainings from tens to hundreds of thousands of learners
  • It can educate people across the world, from all backgrounds, in all countries
  • It is user-friendly, and offers an efficient means to train learners from all backgrounds
  • It is malleable and can be rapidly tailored to the unique training demands of each sector
  • It possesses a unique ability to examine its own effectiveness within the realm of training
  • It is financially friendly for organizations who are trying to maximize funds for a good cause

Fundamental elements to meet the training needs of your Non-Profit


When striving to maximize financial efficiency, Non-Profits need to secure a regular rotation of volunteers as well as paid employees. By automating employee training and streamlining the orientation process, NGO’s can get their support team up and running rapidly. eLearning software is the single most efficient investment a Non-Profit can make to ensure the smooth flow of their mission.


The Non-Profit sector is full of unexpected adaptations, crises, and issues to navigate. For this reason, the ability to modify a training module on the fly is crucial, so that all staff members can be updated and immediately informed about perpetually fluxing circumstances that affect their ability to support those in need.


Whether you are working with a small village in a developing country, or working with a larger team in an inner-city, you need the tools to be able to educate and communicate with people around the world, whether you are functioning in a large or small capacity. With one LMS installation, you can save money for your tight budget, and still ensure effective training for all members of your NGO.


The class structures provided by My Learning Hub can vary between different branches, groups, classes, skill-sets and user types. With one purchase, you can attend to the various training needs of volunteers who are organizing benefits at home, as well as doctors who are helping to treat AIDS in Africa. The system can handle complex various hierarchical and operational structures within an organization, to ensure that everyone has the exact training they need for them to do their job most efficiently.

Make a difference with My Learning Hub

If your organization needs to increase their efficiency and team integration via an eLearning platform, you can take a tour of My Learning Hub’s endless features. You can also set up your own free account in seconds and take a look first hand! You can make a larger impact in the world when you have access to My Learning Hub’s tools to increase the efficient flow of a well-trained team.