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It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor to ensure that your technicians are trained and certified, even if they are scattered across multiple locations around the globe. Ensure that they all receive identical industry-specific knowledge and compliance training, from wherever they are.

Building Knowledge Culture with eLearning

The Manufacturing industry long ago outgrew its reputation as a blue collar hub for unskilled factory workers. Increasingly, modern manufacturers are operating in highly competitive environments, full of complex technology, sophisticated knowledge bases and materials. Manufacturing has become a highly refined science, where employees need to be able to adapt and respond effectively to fluxing changes in the infrastructure.

The world of manufacturing rides the tides of seasonal and market-driven demand, thus calling for a regular uptick in employee hiring, certain times of the year. With the support of an eLearning platform, employers can ensure that everyone is kept up to date in a cost-effective, reliable, scalable way. My Learning Hub is the perfect employee education program to support these needs.

  • It can scale its outreach from hundreds to tens of thousands of students
  • It can reach a broad spectrum of learners across different time zones, countries, factories, and departments.
  • It offers a consistent platform of standardized education to all staff members
  • It can rapidly react to new training demands, for example, the need to learn how to use new assembly line equipment.
  • It offers a platform where managers can assess the effectiveness of the training in realtime
  • It’s affordable, and the ROI is fantastic

LMS features responding to the Manufacturing sector’s needs


In the world of manufacturing, companies often have various facilities scattered across multiple locations, cities and countries. Employees need to be trained in a variety of areas and skills, from transportation to material science. With one low-cost LMS installation, you can train all of your employees in every subject.


There are many regulations that manufacturing companies have to deal with. There are industry-wide quality standards, on a state and international level. With eLearning, all of your facilities can receive the same data, coming from one source, so that everyone is aligned and sharing the same information.


Flexibility is an asset of great value, and having an eLearning platform allows employees to study at their own speed. Learning management systems liberate your staff from classroom-based courses, which minimizes expensive wasted time. It also allows your employees freedom to learn when it suits their schedule.


You never know when you’ll need to add new information or courses to your company’s training manual. Employees may need to learn a new production pipeline, new security or environmental regulations. With the use of eLearning, new training material can be created and implemented into your organization effortlessly.

Embrace the future of Manufacturing training.

We live in a world that values speed, flexibility, and ease of use. My Learning Hub is the ideal learning management platform that covers all of these factors. When you educate your employees, you can expand your company and see visible results. My Learning Hub offers a training tool that can magnify and accelerate your organization’s productivity