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In the high-stakes world of hospitality, a bad review can lead to massive financial losses. In order to ensure that every staff member has the best possible training, you need to maximize your educational system. It takes a smoothly functioning machine of well-trained employees to create a positive experience for your customers, but it only takes one online platform to train them into their optimal state of professionalism. Create specialized training for every employee, by implementing the most effective hospitality LMS on the market.

The importance of eLearning for the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry notoriously has high turnover, thanks to its seasonal nature. Employers regularly need to train new personnel, quickly and efficiently. In high-pressure situations where you need your staff trained to peak performance, in a short period of time, there is simply no better eLearning platform than My Learning Hub.

Employees can quickly receive a thorough education on etiquette, customer service and communication skills. They need to learn to handle sensitive customer needs and complaints, in order to diffuse potentially explosive situations, and ensure that every customer is a happy customer.

Supervisors, managers, and support staff can also benefit from eLearning, as they increase their skills of efficiency around workforce management, quality assurance and logistics.

  • It is easily expandable in its reach, to educate hundreds ofthousands of employees
  • It is malleable and can modify trainings to accommodate the needs of various departments, locations and facilities (for example, multiple hotels that are a part of one chain). It can support people across various countries and languages.
  • It can ensure that employees can study when they have time, without disturbing their ability to be present and prioritize customer needs
  • It delivers identical training materials (such as operating procedures, menu items, and customer care policy) to every student
  • It enables staff to respond rapidly to training updates
  • It provides analysis tools to support management in assessing the effectiveness of a training program
  • It is incredibly affordable and guarantees a massive impact in the effectiveness of your team

LMS features that respond to the Hospitality Industry’s needs


The Hospitality Industry encompasses a broad scope, with businesses that can stretch across many locations, cities and countries. Thanks to eLearning, you can implement a single, affordable LMS installation to ensure consistent quality training for all of their employees


With a fundamental need for standardized quality and services, the hospitality industry requires a platform like eLearning, to empower them to establish consistency in their training, and the offerings of their services. With eLearning, you can make sure everyone is on the same page, and ensure that your company values and principles are being embodied by every staff member.


People learn most effectively when their studying is done on their own time, when their minds are sharp. An eLearning management system liberates hospitality employees from the rigid scheduling boundaries of a classroom, and empowers them to learn when it is most effective for their brains.


The Hospitality Industry is a rapidly morphing sector of business with many moving pieces. In order to keep your employees sharp and able to effectively service customers, you will need to inform them regularly of changes in their field (for example, travel agents will need immediate training on all new travel packages).

My Learning Hub empowers instructors to implement new online training material with ease and grace, ensuring that your staff can be kept on the cutting edge of every industry adaptation.

Welcome a great eLearning platform in your business

If your Hospitality business needs to hone its ability to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, consider the empowering freedom that comes from implementing eLearning tools. You can test-drive your own free account online, or take a tour of the My learning Hub’s features.