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In the exciting world of Franchising, you have the potential to unleash unlimited, exponential business growth across an endless landscape of locations. In order to standardize the brand quality that customers can expect, you need the best LMS for franchise training.

How eLearning can spread the Franchise core values

Core values are fundamental to any chain of successful businesses. Customers need to know what to expect when they enter a store that bears your company name. The Franchise sector is inherently scaleable, and when it is done successfully, franchises can have tens of thousands of partners across the world.

McDonald’s, for example, has 37,000 partners worldwide. This scope includes hundreds of thousands of employees who need consistent training, in various stores, cities and countries around the world. Within the Franchising industry, the parent company needs to establish clear boundaries and expectations around standards and operating procedures, from employee onboarding, to training.

eLearning is a crucial tool for maximizing efficiency and consistency in these realms. Using this platform can support all the parent company’s training needs, as well as those of their partner networks. This establishes brand consistency, as well as saving everyone money, time and effort.

  • It is scalable across hundreds of thousands of employees
  • It ensures quality education that is consistent for all employees in different cities and countries
  • It maximizes educational content in a standardized way, to create a grounded foundation for all franchises and employees
  • It can be modified instantly to include new training modules and to update or expand the training protocols
  • It provides insightful tools to help franchisers track the training’s effectiveness
  • It is a cost effective and efficient way to ensure a high return on investment for your company

LMS features responding to the Franchising Sector’s needs


Franchise chains often have a large number of stores and production facilities across many cities, states and countries. Thanks to the power of eLearning, the Franchise model can maximize its efficiency and quality standards by implementing a single, affordable LMS installation in order to train all of their partners and employees.


With rigid standards and quality control at the heart of the Franchise industry, partners are contractually required to follow precise operating procedures from the parent company, as well as meeting other demands to ensure quality standards. The centralized platform provided by eLearning allows every franchise to access identical material, which helps ensure consistency across the various platforms.


Implementing an effective learning management system liberates franchise partners and their staff from having to schedule and organize classroom-based trainings. This is crucial in this modern world, so that each individual can participate in the training protocols at their own pace. This is extremely empowering for each learner, and can save the business a ton of money.


As new products and services arise across the entire chain, My Learning Hub empowers the parent company to disseminate immediate updates to managers and instructors, so that everyone gets on the same page. New online training materials can be created at the touch of a button, to maximize brand consistency around new company policies.

Ready to partner with the best eLearning platform?

If your Franchise wants to accelerate into the modern era, and increase its potential of optimal success, consider the industry standard LMS solution for your training needs. You can check it out and take a tour of the My Learning Hub’s features, and sign up for a free account to get a sense of how it can work for you