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Aviation is a field where safety is of tantamount importance. Whether you are training staff members on the ground or in the air, aviation eLearning is an effective tool to make sure you have the best-trained staff in the business.

Why using an LMS in the Aviation Industry is crucial

This $800 billion dollar industry was founded on the wings of the Wright brothers, but it has grown in leaps and bounds ever since, resulting in an international community of travelers who rely on the professional stability of airlines for their global business and personal needs.

It is a challenging and complicated industry, with infinite nuanced layers of specialties and supporting roles that have to flow together seamlessly into one cohesive, smoothly functioning business.

For obvious reasons, the Aviation industry is highly regulated and has endless red tape, rules and laws that are constantly being updated. From pilots and aircrew to the ground staff, every member of an Aviation team needs to be constantly trained in all the morphing elements of industry regulations.

This complexity makes eLearning a perfect fit for companies in the Aviation industry.

  • It can provide detailed training for any number of students (from tens to hundreds of thousands)
  • It provides a foundation of corporate training globally, crossing borders and languages
  • It creates a standardized training course that is easily replicated and consistent for all students
  • It can be modified immediately to respond to new training protocols
  • It provides tools to assess the effectiveness of the training modules
  • It offers an amazing return on investment, and is incredibly affordable

Key features to meet all of your Aviation training needs


In an industry as huge as the Aviation industry, airlines and airports are constantly having to hire new staff, train employees and provide orientations. Implementing these necessities via the efficiency of eLearning can save countless manpower hours, while ensuring quality control. It is an incredible investment in company efficiency.


The flexibility of scheduling provided by eLearning platforms allows staff the freedom to learn at their own speed. When you are traveling the world, hopping from airport to airport, this level of location freedom is crucial. In this way, your employees can focus fully on their duties and responsibilities, and upgrade their training education when it suits their busy schedules, free from the constraints of a classroom.


When training aircrews on new airplanes, or keeping airport staff up to date on new regulations, you need to be able to transmit data efficiently. With eLearning, updates can be made instantaneously, and received by every member of the team.


The low profit margins inherent in the massive aviation industry mean that companies are always looking for ways to cut costs. Two major selling points of eLearning are scale and cost, which makes it a perfect fit for the needs of this industry.

Using only one LMS installation, a company can serve the training needs of hundreds of thousands of employees at once.

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