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If you are in the automotive industry, you are well aware of the complexities of technical and mechanical data that need to be kept up-to-date, across the board. Training each individual employee will ensure your company’s customer satisfaction and reputation, but it can be time-consuming, inefficient and expensive.

Why eLearning can fuel the Auto industry

Consumer-driven, and fundamental to the mobility of every human, the automotive industry touches the world in a foundational way. It operates on a global scale, with brands such as BMW, Ford, Toyota, and more offering retail outlets around the globe, in every major city.

Simply selling a car to a customer is only one part of the equation, but it can be a recipe for angry consumers if your company can’t back up your products up with effective repair service, technical, and mechanical expertise.

The vastness of the industry means that there are hundreds of thousands of employees who need consistent, up-to-date training for the ever-morphing needs and products within the industry. From product recalls, to on-board computer updates, your staff needs to be on the cutting edge of every new piece of data released by manufacturers.

Within this realm, there are infinite training needs to be met. Whether at a dealership, or in a factory, employees of the Automotive Industry require standardized, high level education on the perpetually evolving specifics of their products. This needs to be done in a time efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • It can reach a bottomless number of employees instantaneously
  • It can educate employees around the world simultaneously
  • It can provide a high-quality, standardized training for all employees, across all fields, from parts assembly procedures, to environmental precautions
  • It can be adapted rapidly to include new training information
  • It can help management to ascertain the productivity of its staffin relation to the training’s effectiveness
  • It offers a significant return on investment, and is extremely affordable

LMS features that serve to the Automotive sector’s needs


With a variety of management and production needs, and facilities spread out around the world, the Automotive sector requires a highly scalable and financially efficient solution to train their massive employee base. Within the context of eLearning, a business can train all of their global employees, using a single LMS installation.


With intensive regulatory standards, and complex technologies, the Automobile industry has specific and intensive regulations that need to be hyper-standardized across the board. Local dealerships need to adhere to regulations set forth by regional production standards, including sales, tax, safety and environmental laws.

With the power of eLearning, you can be sure to provide standardized training material to all stores, factories, subsidiaries, and facilities, via a centrally managed core.


Business downtime is significantly diminished when employees can study in their off-time. This way, continuing education does not impact the efficiency of your business hours. Each individual employee can learn on their own terms, at their own pace, in alignment with their own schedule.


With the constant fluctuations that are a regular part of the complex automotive industry, it is fundamentally important to be able to update employees on changes in protocol and safety, immediately. Fortunately, the eLearning education platform empowers this rapid dissemination of information, for the efficiency and safety of all members of the supply chain.

Ready to jump-start your training?

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