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Zonar Systems

Zonar is the leader in smart fleet management technology providing verified inspection reporting, GPS tracking and ELD-ready solutions for all fleet sizes.
Fleet Management
GPS and ELD systems
1000 users


Founded in 2001, Zonar had one simple idea: That electronically verified  inspections could revolutionize the way pre- and post-trip inspections are  conducted. By doing so, they could increase safety for everyone on the road  and minimize the risk of on-the-road breakdowns. 

Since its inception, Zonar has grown in size and scope to become a leading  provider of complete technology solutions for smart fleet management. They  have achieved this status by consistently innovating on technology that helps  their customers and partners operate more efficiently across industries and  verticals. 


Zonar, like most of its competitors, provides onsite onboarding training for new  customers. One of the challenges has always been how to offer refreshment  training or extended services training or training for customer’s new hires.  Providing onsite training is expensive for Zonar to provide and for the customer  to take time out of working to have. Freight and people transportation does not  have the ability for all to stop and take training at the same time. Online training  as it is increasing in its popularity is also turning users off by the cookie cutter  experiences. 

The Objectives 

  1. Build a training platform for Zonar’s external end users. 
  2. Deliver the training online and make it accessible to all customers 24/7/365. 

The Challenge 

  • Online training is new to Zonar and there are potentially over 300,000 users,  but with legacy users it is hard to predict adoption. 
  • Their customer base are on the road and they need the ability to access  training anytime anywhere. 
  • Part of the problem was accessibility. As a Software As A Service (SAAS)  company Zonar doesn’t know all the end users, but they all may need access.  Because of varied schedules and the need to access immediately, there is no  time to wait for authorization to courses or administration input of users. 
  • They had a limited and fixed budget, so another challenge was how to  prevent unforeseen costs of an undefined reach in an untested system. 
  • Zonar serves; over the road trucking, transit and charter buses, vocational  and construction vehicles as well as school buses. Each having different  training needs on different products that may require different experiences. 

The Solution 

My Learning Hub has delivered a range of products including: 

  • Learning Management System 
  • Learning Authoring Tool 
  • Hubs 

My Learning Hub developed a new access feature for Zonar, it allowed for  public facing users to self-register and be authenticated automatically within the  Learning Hub system. The biggest need for this enhancement is the users being  in different time zones and accessing at all times waiting for approval was not  an option. The enhancement that My Learning Hub made enabled the  successful immediate trackable access to training without any admin’s time, and  without delay. The future of this training remains handsfree, and with the  expectation to scale to over 1000+ unknown users this eliminates a large  portion of administration time. Time that is better spent on creating the best 

experience. That personalized experience starts here on Zonar’s website: Zonar E-Learning Click here. This link leads to their first customized experience, the “PUPIL” customers learning hub. They can open the training on any mobile  device, Zonar’s expected users are Drivers, Dispatchers and School District  Transportation Management, so it was crucial that the learning be accessible  anywhere, on any device, any time, that said, the solution is working perfectly.  The final hurdle was cost predictability, the organization had a set budget for  the learning solution, My Learning Hub’s fixed pricing for unlimited users was  the biggest decision maker that locked Zonar onto My Learning Hub. It meant risk free scaling, and no unexpected user overage costs. Zonar is planning to roll  out further Learning Hubs to service different customer bases within the  business, and being able to create a new white-labelled Learning Hub in 2  minutes definitely shocked some of the Senior Leaders at Zonar. 

Zonar’s Pupil Hub - From Idea to Inception - This new challenge appeared, as  school districts prepared for the new school year 2021/2022, they also were  preparing for post-covid transportation needs. With some districts being on a  break from using buses, they were hiring new drivers, administrators and  mechanics. Zonar’s 24-hour support call center was overloaded with calls for  assistance. Being able to meet the needs of customers and reduce costs of  overtime and temporary workers at the same time was a priority. Customer  support leadership at Zonar reached out to the content and training  department for a possible solution. With less than 2 months of use on My  Learning Hubs, the suggested solution was to create a pupil specific learning  hub that only had training that covered pupil specific products. Leadership  asked how long it would take, as it was needed immediately and the beginning  of the school year is fast approaching. Zonar built an entirely customized  training portal in less than a 1 day! Ready for release, this Hub will now lead the  training for all customers in the pupil sector, it is mobile ready and provides a  custom experience. Problem solved!

The Results

As a result of hard and efficient work on both sides, all three products have been fully implemented with their dedicated account manager. This also included: Data migration, Single Sign On, integration with LinkedIn Learning and full admin training. Zonar has all of their content centrally located and is single-sourced and the ability to create multiple hubs for specific audiences within minutes. This ability to create custom unique learning experiences for customers is what has set My Learning

System utilisation: 100%
Number of users: 1000
Courses built: 7315
Numbers of material: 249
Paul Warrick
Paul Warrick
Training Manager
“My Learning Hub’s fixed pricing for unlimited users was the biggest decision maker that locked Zonar onto My Learning Hub. It meant risk free scaling, and no unexpected user overage costs. The support we receive is really good too. Zonar is planning to roll out further Learning Hubs to service different customer bases within the business, and being able to create a new white-labelled Learning Hub in 2 minutes definitely shocked some of the Senior Leaders at Zonar.“