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Prommac is an established mechanical contractor, that forms part of the CG Tech group of companies that includes Kumunyack (SA), AL Laith (UAE), New Age Engineering Solutions (SA) and CG Labs (UK). The capabilities of the group are offered across the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power & Energy, Water, Pulp & Paper and other Industrial sectors to the highest Safety and Quality Standards in more than 20 countries which include South Africa, Madagascar, Ghana, USA, Canada, Europe, Angola, Mid
Mechanical contracting
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Prommac, part of the CG Tech group of companies with its HQ in South Africa,  and also operating in New Zealand, UK and UAE, operates across the  petrochemical, oil and gas, mining, power and energy, water, pulp and paper  and other industrial sectors to the highest safety and quality standards. It is an  established mechanical contractor that has built a reputation for sound delivery  of maintenance, shutdown and project solutions for its clients. 


Wayne Strydom, Chief Innovation Officer at CG Holding, explains that the need  for a new learning management system (LMS) arose in South Africa when  putting in place a robust training matrix to make sure that the company  developed and maintained core competence skills across all disciplines and  departments, from the management and support team to operational staff. 

“To manage those targets and then manage the course material that we would  need for each of those roles, we absolutely knew that we couldn’t do it as a  spreadsheet-based system and that we needed an LMS,” says Wayne. “We were  on one before that didn’t really serve our needs so we performed a gap analysis  from this system to determine the features we wanted.&rdquo

The Objectives 

“We needed a system that was quite versatile to attack our different  requirements. Once we knew that we found the right one, the goal would then  be to extend it to the wider group around the globe, and use it to manage our  inter-company training management systems and talent development. 

“By going to market and analysing a few different platforms, we were able to  see that My Learning Hub fulfilled all the needs we had.&rdquo

During the LMS selection process, two of My Learning Hub’s main attractions  were its ease of use and its bespoke course authoring tool. 

“Quite a few of the LMSs around are just front-end systems with the back-end  management place. You’d have to get the course material and then embed it to  make sure it’s compliant with whatever system you choose. My Learning Hub  utilises a course management and authoring tool that helps to develop dynamic  content, fast. It can be done from within the system, which is quite nice. Having  that integrated was a big plus for us.”

The Results

After successful implementation of My Learning Hub, there are now some 2400 users and 60 live courses on the system, covering a wide range of topics. The LMS also holds an online reference library of Prommac’s product documentation, flow processes, a company overview, department overviews, career development paths, policies and procedures.

System utilisation: 84%
Number of users: 300
Courses built: 66
Numbers of material: 421
Wayne Strydom
Wayne Strydom
Chief Innovation Officer
“My Learning Hub utilises a course management and authoring tool that helps to develop dynamic content, fast. It can be done from within the system, which is quite nice. Having that integrated was a big plus for us. The experience that I have had with it is good. It’s simple, it’s easy to use. There’s a lot of versatility to create interesting courses. There’s nothing worse than sitting on an LMS learning course that takes four weeks to go through and is just picture, video, text. My Learning Hub’s features are customisable – you can get the guys to do quizzes, knowledge checks, video/audio answers and word matching – it keeps the learners engaged, which means that they’re retaining more information, which gives us what we need by meeting business outcomes.”