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MEI Rigging & Crating

One of the largest providers of rigging, machinery moving, millwrighting, mechanical installation, commercial storage, crating and export packing services in the U.S.
Rigging machinery provider
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MEI Rigging & Crating is one of the largest providers of rigging, machinery  moving, millwrighting, mechanical installation, commercial storage, crating and  export packing services in the USA. With 11 locations across the country, its  prime commitment is to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction, built on  integrity, quality and safety. 


MEI’s corporate vision of excellence includes the provision of quality training  and development to an exceptionally high standard for all its people. As the  company grew over the past 30 years, so training developed and was delivered  on a local basis at its regional locations. 

After Ericka Elliott joined MEI as its Talent Success Manager in 2019, she  performed a company-wide training needs analysis and identified the need for  new hire training, onboarding, leadership development, safety training,  supervisory training and specialist training for specific functions such as the  accounting team, as well as a technical apprenticeship programme. It was clear  that it would need more than a spreadsheet to manage such complex  requirements. 

“I quickly identified that there was no way to implement any of this training  without having an LMS in place,” says Ericka. “In my previous experience, I’d had  the opportunity to work with a lot of different LMS systems, but never had I had  to implement one from scratch.&rdquo 

The Objectives 

MEI has some 400 employees, with 85% working in the field, so it is vital for  learning activities to be delivered remotely on mobile platforms so that every  employee enjoys easy and convenient access wherever they are located with  whatever device they use. 

MEI completed extensive evaluations of 10 LMS vendors before selecting My  Learning Hub. The main attractions of My Learning Hub for MEI were its  flexibility, accessibility from multiple device types including mobile, its extensive  content library and new content authoring tool, and pricing options. 

“My Learning Hub felt like a safer way to go. One of the things that was really  apparent was the level of flexibility with My Learning Hub and their willingness  to do new things and change things for us. 

“In addition to an LMS platform, we really wanted to partner with someone who  also had existing content and to create our own content with an authoring tool  that is extremely user friendly. This led us to land on My Learning Hub as the  partner that we wanted to work with.&rdquo

In response to Ericka’s concerns that the UK-based company would both make a  good culture fit and be able to provide responsive support across international  time zones, My Learning Hub was open about Ericka talking with existing US  customers to allay these concerns. 

The Challenge 

MEI’s dual challenge was to develop integrated corporate training across the  company and to achieve universal usage of the LMS as a delivery channel. This  combined significant cultural and technical change, including the technical  implementation of the My Learning Hub LMS, the creation of new materials and  adaption of My Learning Hub library content, as well as the rollout of the new  training delivery platform to the entire workforce. 

The Solution 

From the beginning, Ericka felt that it was important to make employees feel  that the LMS was there for them and was pleased at My Learning Hub’s features  for white label branding.

“We call it the MEI Learning Hub, and I was able to create a logo that says that  and incorporate things that make it feel like it’s very much part of our company  and not some add on. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about this.&rdquo

Ericka also focused on achieving a simple, streamlined interface, turning off any  features not require dto ensure the LMS is easy and intuitive without  unnecessary distractions to confuse users. She also asked My Learning Hub to  make a number of small changes to customise the system for MEI. 

“I didn`t want people to be overwhelmed, I wanted it to be very clean, very  simplistic, and very user friendly. And I’ve gotten great feedback that it is really,  really easy.&rdquo

The selection of content available on the LMS includes: custom courses  developed for MEI by My Learning Hub, including short five-minute  introductions to the LMS for both users and managers; courses created by MEI  both using the authoring tool and customising courses from the My Learning  Hub library; and specialist courses from external providers.

The Results

Within several months of launch, the MEI Learning Hub has enjoyed high take-up, some 50% of employees completed introductory courses. Ericka has also added more courses from My Learning Hub’s library to satisfy demand from those who want to self-enrol on management training and personal development courses. Friendly competition between users and regions has also started as learners receive points for completing each class and top learners are identified. 16 courses are currently available with a

System utilisation: 84%
Number of users: 6000
Courses built: 97
Numbers of material: 228
Ericka Elliott
Ericka Elliott
Talent Success Manager
“My Learning Hub has been just amazing at being able to accommodate and really adapt the way that we’re using the system, knowing that our organisation is unique and the way that we are rolling out e-learning is unique. They have been completely responsive and my project manager, Max, is awesome and even with the time difference of six hours, he`s been great.”