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April 18, 2022

How to write an RFQ:RFI for LMS vendors

The following steps can produce an effective Request for Information/Request for Quote that attracts information or quotes from LMS vendors giving the answers you need:

1. Before you start writing, establish clearly your organisation’s needs and objectives so that you are ready to tell vendors what you want your Learning Management System to achieve.

2. Set the scene with a brief description of your organisation, its products and services, size, location(s) and culture. Add what sectors you operate in and give an indication of your activities and projects.

3. Provide the context for the RFI/RFQ, explaining what you need from vendors to be able to assess their responses. Set out how you want tender responses structured, what criteria you will use for making your selection, the type of contract you are looking to agree and deadlines for responses.

4. Based on your needs and objectives in 1. above, explain your main purpose and what your LMS must achieve.

5. Outline the scope of the LMS: describe your users (e.g. employment levels, job functions, numbers and workplaces), what content the system needs to deliver, the learning and development team who will manage the system and everyone’s responsibilities.

6. Set out timescales both for the selection process and the implementation of the LMS.

7. Specify precisely what you expect of an LMS provider, asking for details of how they will achieve everything with a full breakdown of all costs including optional extras.

8. Include everything you will need to get your LMS up and running effectively, including training, integration, customisation and ongoing support.

9. Request case studies, customer endorsements or other evidence that demonstrate a vendor has the expertise and capability to deliver your LMS project successfully.

10. Provide the opportunity for bidders to ask questions and suggest alternatives to your proposals that could deliver better value or reduce costs.

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