Cover image Features checklist - 9 must-have LMS features
April 18, 2022

Features checklist - 9 must-have LMS features

Selecting the best corporate learning management system for your organisation can seem a tough challenge when there are so many options to consider. Below we outline nine must-have LMS features to support your employees in their learning and ensure continuous business improvement.

Gamification – A powerful motivator to involve employees in managing their own development and achieving personal, team or company goals through scoring points, obtaining badges or earning other rewards.

Learning paths – Based on the requirements of specific job roles, user locations, compliance, competence needs or other criteria, structured learning paths can be tailored for individuals or groups to accelerate learning to a required level.

Personal development – Enable employees to play an active role in planning and managing their personal development to achieve their career aspirations.

Career maps – Pull together detailed information about organisational needs and individual talent to support career choices. Career maps ensure that development paths satisfy both the needs of your business and employees individual career aspirations.

Predictive analytics – applies data mining, statistics, modelling and machine learning to analyse current data and make predictions about future development, helping employees to map their career journeys.

Competency matrix – Use to define the required competencies for a specific role and to identify the most suitable external or internal candidates for a job, based on assessment of their functional, managerial, behavioural or other skills and abilities.

Customisation – Your organisation has unique requirements which are always changing. Customisation ensures your LMS adapts to meet your needs so your business is not constrained by having to compromise on functionality.

Integration – Seamless working with existing and future workforce management, HRIS, ERP and legacy systems delivers optimum value from your data and gives you the most effective tools to manage your company’s talent.

Flexibility – Combine different learning types from online training to blended learning and other development techniques.

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