Cover image 5 advantages of having a cloud-based learning management system
April 18, 2022

5 advantages of having a cloud-based learning management system

Using a cloud-based learning management system provider is more convenient than hosting your own LMS and will make it more widely available to your learners. Here are five advantages of running your LMS in the cloud.

1. Faster start-up – Launching a cloud-based LMS will be faster than if you choose to host it on your own servers. First, you have to purchase, install and test your servers before you start work on your LMS. Using a third-party cloud-based LMS gives you access to tried and tested systems so you can focus on the learning and development you want it to deliver.

2. Cost – With no hardware or associated services, you will not have any capital investment costs and won’t need to tie up your IT department or call in specialists to set up your servers and install your LMS. The monthly or annual subscription to a cloud-based LMS is likely to be less than the comparable cost of investing in your own equipment and all the technical resources needed to install and maintain it. Plus if your own servers fail, you will bear the cost of replacing them whereas a cloud supplier will transfer your system to another server with little or no disruption.

3. Maintenance – With a cloud-based LMS all technical maintenance is managed by your provider. A service level agreement will guarantee uptime while built-in redundancy will provide resilience in the event of server failure so your LMS will remain available. Contrast this with the downtime in the event of your own servers failing.

4. Security – One of the biggest concerns when hosting any system is security. With a cloud-based LMS you do not have to worry about constantly monitoring and upgrading systems as this will form part of your service level agreement. Again, this will reduce cost and time that you would have spent managing it in-house.

5. Accessibility – From the moment you start using a cloud-based LMS it will be accessible anywhere, any time on web-enabled devices. This makes your LMS more flexible and convenient to use for learners and your learning and development team. The investment and resources that would be required to develop a similar infrastructure by yourself would probably not be viable.

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